So I have done 2 of the four. The last two I have scheduled for tonight and tomorrow.

Costa Brava Coastline was good. I liked it but nothing to rave about. But I loved Girona to Pubol! I thought the workout was perfect, the scenery breathtaking and the commentary consistently interesting.

I know everyone’s response to any ride is highly personal, but there is enough content that everyone should be able to find something that they really like. And for me, Cotty usually delivers.


Thanks for this I really like these workouts!!
@michael.cotty: Did you change sunglasses just before you drove up the beach at the end of the Costa Brava Coastline video?? :sunglasses:

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I’ve just completed the Catalunya Part 1 Ripoll to Pobla followed by Part 2 Pobla to Coll de Creuetta - back to back.
Suitably worn out after 2 fabulously engaging On Location rides. Thanks @michael.cotty


I did part 1 last night and thought about going right in to 2. But my internet is sketchy and I don’t have it downloaded yet. Something to keep on the radar.


I have done all four now. Maybe it is just me, but something struck me as I was finishing up the 2nd Catalunya. These seemed to more focused on the workouts than some of the previous On Location series. While they still honored the actual terrain and the commentary was great, the workouts came across to me as more intentional. Loved it!

To quote Oliver Twist: “Please, sir, I want some more”?


Cat pt 2 is a solid, solid workout.


Have you not done Luberon? That’s one h#ll of a workout!

But yes, I see what you’re saying, and it’s great.

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Yes I have done Luberon and I agree. I have to try the new Pro Rides that were just released. They look, uhh, fun?


I just did both of these for the first time, and part 02 is now one of my favourite rides in Systm.
On a rainy day in northern europe, these two back-to-back in level mode were a treat.

I was coming into today off of three unplanned rest days, so level mode let me get a little more bite in the legs, and I always seem to enjoy level mode on the climbing-based on-location rides. I’m excited to do the rest of Catalunya as gray and wet becomes my reality for the next 5 months :slight_smile:

Thanks for bringing more rides and locations to the app.


Did Costa Brava Coastline last Friday, its a cheeky little number, and a good workout, perhaps harder than I expected due to the low cadence efforts. Hit the power floor at 60rpm in the second interval… oops and had to change up a gear to meet the power target.

I swapped out Crescendo (inspiration ride I’ve done before) for Catalunya Part 1 Ripoll to Pobla last night after searching through the workout library and found it had an almost identical time, TSS and IF. I really enjoyed the scenery and sunshine on a dark and driech Scottish evening.
I was a bit worried it might a bit intense to do straight after a massive roast beef dinner, but there were no objections from my stomach.

Thanks Mike Cotty and the Sufferfest/Wahoo team for 2 great workouts.


It looks like we may be getting three new On Location sessions soon, if the greyed-out option at the Check Your Status tool are any indication…


Well spotted! :+1: