Galicia, in the northwest corner of Spain, is known for its stunning coastline, delicious seafood and unique culture. With its lush, green landscapes, rugged mountains, and picturesque villages, it’s the perfect place to join Michael Cotty for three brand new On Location rides.

Whether it’s nailing every hill lining the infamous ‘Coast of Death’ or driving hard up one of the steepest climbs you’ll ever experience, this series offers a tremendous variety of efforts. It’s also a deep-dive into the ancient culture, history and mythology that permeates every corner of this region.

On Location: Galicia: Camarinas to Muxia
It’s time for a wild coastal adventure with your host, Michael Cotty, across the undulating roads of Galica, Spain. You’ll start at a historic lighthouse on the ‘Coast of Death’ before working your way deep into the rugged landscape that defines this region. The road will guide your workout, with big efforts up every hill and a chance to take it a bit easier on the descents for a total of 32km in just over an hour. It’s not all hard work, though, Mike takes the time to show you around the fishing marina, explains where to find the ‘hunger herb’ and shows off some of the sights around our finishing village, Muxia.

On Location: Galicia: Corcubion to Finesterra
Welcome to Corcubion, a gorgeous seaside town in Galicia, Spain. This is where we’ll start our 17k, 38mins ride along the coast while completing some over/unders, tempo and a tough little threshold level finish at ‘the end of the earth’ that’s been used in the Vuelta d’Espana. Along the way, your host, Michael Cotty, will take you through lush forests, over gravel roads and into the history and mythology of this ancient region. Be ready for some wind, some great stories and more than a few incredible views.

On Location: Galicia: Muros to Ezaro
Waterfalls? Check. Fishing villages? Check. Clear sky and blue sea? Yep. Unbelievable coastline that makes you actually consider moving your entire life to this incredible region? Well then - we must be in Galicia for another On Location workout. This time, we’re sticking close to the coast and avoiding the hills* so we can get in a fantastic sprint session while taking in some of the main tourist attractions. It all clocks in at just over an hour and covers 33km. (* Except for that nasty one at the end. But let’s just ignore that for now.)

Let me know what you think!


@David.McQuillen.KoS Sweet! Can’t wait to check these out!


This is great news!


Fantastic stuff again! Looking forward to starting them.

Downloading right now!



It’s described as a “lovely little MAP builder” in the app. Sounds cute :rofl:


I’m still trying to catch up on the existing On Location workouts!


Thanks team. Looks like yet another great challenge from Mike Cotty. Been trying to work on All climbing, All the Sufferfest… But all the new content just comes first.


Really looking forward to these, Galicia is one of my favourite places, I’ve visited these locations by foot, walking from Santiago to Muxia… very exited :slight_smile:

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These are so, so good. Just finished the On Location: Tasmania set and this set’s Camarinas to Muxia ride looks a lot like the Cygnet Coast Road one from Tasmania. I’m sure I’ll . . . enjoy . . . this one every bit as much. :slight_smile:


Camarinas to Muxia was awesome! I quite enjoyed the repeated efforts standing sprints to fast cadence over the top.

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Totally agree - really fun sessions.

The repeated standing efforts of Camarinas to Muxia were really hurting by the end - brutal. And fun.

My brain was expecting it to be similar to the Cygnet Coast Road ride, but felt totally different with all the standing and higher effort sprints.

Really spoilt for choice these days with all the outstanding session. Still love the Sufferfest stuff, but absolutely love having so much choice now.


Did Galicia: Corcubion to Finesterra super training.
This morning Galicia: Muros to Ezaro, seems easy at first but the last 10 minutes are quite long :laughing:
Mike climbing like a mountain goat the 30% climb is a next level :raised_hands:t2:
Tuesday i will do the last the Camarinas to Muxia… seems a little outside of my diesel engine confort zone … oh well

These are great… please keep new On Locations with Mike Cotty coming, to freshen up content

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Completed Galicia: Camarinas to Muxia the other day and really enjoyed it! Is the Climb feature enabled for this video? I remained at 0% for the entire ride using a Elite Justo/Rizer set up and I am just curious if there is an issue with the Climbing feature for non-Wahoo gear and if I need to do a debug on my end?

It’s definitely enabled on that video. Were you seeing the gradient percentage on your screen?

Sir Glen, not seeing gradient percentage. Power, Cadence, HR, RPE Target, Distance are all on. I don’t bother having Speed selected on Display.

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Hey Sir @Rick, there should be a little gradient indicator in the top right of the screen. To know if you can select it, there should be a little gradient icon beside your trainer in the trainer settings. And it should be selected and green.

Like in this pic:

Sir Glen, Thanks for the screenshot. Not getting the gradient icon on either the Devices screen or on the actual video. As a second-check, I loaded up G.O.A.T and get the same thing. Symptoms are the same when I switch between either ANT+ or Bluetooth for connection to FE-C Bike Trainer. Devices are awake, not in sleep mode.
The set-up works fine on Z, 14% on Radio Tower Climb no problems. I think I’ll try an RGT ride and see what happens there.
Thanks for the assistance, I’ll bird-dog it and see what I can uncover.

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I’m wondering if this only works in SIM mode (explains why it would work on Zwift and likely RGT). If SYSTM doesn’t send the gradient message to your elite trainer are you able to manually change the gradient via the elite remote at least?

Edit: I went to the elite site for the Rizer and don’t see SYSTM listed as a compatible app but I don’t see RGT either but I’m willing to bet it works.