🚲 🚲 🚲 NEW Sufferfest: HIGH TIME 🚲 🚲 🚲

Looking for a sustained effort, but don’t want to go over your FTP - High Time is here for you!

The masters of time are waiting to take you on a 30-minute journey that will flirt with the borders of your FTP (while occasionally encroaching it, because you know… SUF).

Set in a part of Sufferlandria renowned for its flat and straight roads that can wreak havoc on your soul, this session is, however, not quite as intense as its older brother The Long Scream, although it is a little bit longer for the sustained effort part.

What is it good for?

This is a fantastic session to help you get ready for a Time Trial or long climb. It’s also a super session for practicing your MTP Focus skills.

Feedback so far:

  • “A spectacularly assembled video that embodies all that makes Sufferlandria what it is and Sufferlandrians what we are”

  • "Just finished High Time and loved it. The video was engaging and the music was just right. I am not a fan of long sustained efforts, but found this one to be ok.”

  • “I think the best takeaway for me was that the structure of the SUF workout (with the cues, music, video) allowed me to push through the point where anyone with sense would have just said “heck this this! I’m dialin’ it down!” and finish the workout. Great job on the new workout!”

  • “I did like this which was surprising given that I don’t like FTP sessions. Having the music, prompts, humor, and my complete focus on the workout helped me to do it with much less apparent effort. Give me a suf video over a novid anytime.

  • “Video and music were fantastic. Loved footage that was chosen for both men and women and how it was put together. Fantastic work!”

Give it a go and let us know what you think!


In the Library this workout is listed under Endurance, rather than Sustained Efforts. Why is that?

@Rupert.H Awesome - I will check it out!

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Thank you sir may I have another! (Animal House reference)


This was great. Not as bad as feared. (Maybe I need to run a test.)

So who is in this:


Top Ganna
Stefan Küng (?)
Poggi (in beginning)



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Annemiek van Vleuten
Marlen Reusser
Ellen van Dijk

A couple others


Don’t forget Remco Evenepoel


I think it’s on purpose - you can do Long Scream or Extra Shot for the full SUF experience.

High Time allows for working on technique as you’re not in full survival mode. It says in the description MTP focus and breathing, but I would add ‘systems check’ and pedal stroke (ref: EoS video)


I really enjoyed this. Having not done any sustained threshold work for a long time I was a bit fearful of this but it turned out pretty good.


A great addition to training options and “enjoyed” so much I’ll be repeating this month. Very nice editing especially with intertwined visuals and syncopated music.


Moderately hard but doable

I found this pretty hard TBH this morning on my new stats, the final kick at the end was just about doable. Deffo a mental workout as well


Once I saw there were no large yellow bars I knew I was going to like this workout. Love threshold work! I hope there will be future additions to the Sufferfest library!


Super excited for a new workout and this one did not disappoint. These types of workouts and videos are why I love the Wahoo X (Sufferfest) App so much!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: It was a great way to start my day, 40 minutes to think about nothing but completing the task at hand. It was definitely challenging, but didn’t completely wreck me. In fact I felt great after I was done!!! Thank you keep up the good work.


I really enjoyed this workout. Video was awesome and the music went perfectly well with it. I’m starting to do more and more sustained efforts to up my endurance and improve my climbing. Will add this to my faves.

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It would be nice if there was an indication of the town names featured

I really enjoyed this workout , perfect combination of visuals, pace and music, especially the rising crescendo. Threshold is definitely my favourite type of workout. I was riding at an ftp 12-15w below recent interval ICU ftp calculations which may have allowed for greater enjoyment than suffering😀

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great sound track to a very nice session

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Maps with town names here:
ProCyclingStats website

Start in Knokke Heist, ends in Brugge (Bruges)


Thanks for that, i lived for 3 years in Belgium in late 90s, trained with Brussels Triathlon Club… Enjoyed


Just did this one…

  • Great video, good balance of humour and training
  • Found the difficulty ok until the final push over FTP which pushed me way over the target Z4 HR, but survived and great crescendo in the soundtrack
  • Anyone else spot the Sufferlandrian easter egg? :rofl: