🚀 NEW SUFFERFEST: Rue The Day is here! 🚀

Just do as you’re told :wink:

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The workout structure looks almost identical to The noVid workout MAP Micro Intervals: 3 sets 40/20s which is on my plan for Wednesday. I assume it’s a straight swap if I want to?


Yep. Minor tweaks I think


Just did it today. Super cool video but I thought it would be harder than this. I was too prepared for discomfort maybe :thinking:


Did this last night as planned, It was great to have a video and storyline to stave of the boredom. I really liked the details such as the Sufferfest brand overlay over the original broadcast graphics. The mental training tips were nice but I found the workout so easy I wasn’t in the kind of very dark place where I could practice applying them. My HR was still in Z3 by the end of the first set, so I started to increase the difficulty and was at +10% by the end of the third set HR just above threshold. It felt like one of the easiest workouts with MAP intervals I’ve ever done, is it really supposed to be that easy? I’m certainly not due a retest as I fell down the ERG spiral of doom on the 12th Vise Grip last week.

I’ve not done this workout yet, but for me it looks like the targets are 10-20w lower than the 40/20 targets in The Chores.

Hi @JGreengrass!

Overall, this session should be challenging but should not be nearly impossible to finish. Training isn’t always about hitting your maximum - in fact, only on occasion should a session put you at your limit…and this one generally should never put you there. It might be good to make sure that your current FTP and MAP settings are accurate…as generally speaking, most folks will see heart rate getting into Zone 4 by around the 5th or 6th effort during these kinds of sets/efforts. Keep up the great work!


I exchanged Revolver in my plan for Rue the Day instead. This plan had me do “Full Body 16” followed by Power Station yesterday. RTD today turned out to be quite the hard workout.

Reached Zone 4 by interval 6 on the first block, interval 5 on the second block and interval 2 on the last block. So @Coach.Neal.H is pretty spot on for me there.

Music during the hard efforts wasn’t doing much for me until the last block, that’s when stuff got lively and much more motivating.

The footage is awesome. @David.McQuillen.KoS what’s the background story on the section where Van der Breggen and Van Vleuten decide to coast it out? What race was that?

The rest after the first set of intervals though - the video is not really helping the heart rate go down. No spoilers, go see for yourself.

edit: I found the info from the footage. It was the 2020 Ronde van Vlaanderen (Tour of Flanders). In summary, it’s badassness from Van der Breggen:
Inside Anna van der Breggen’s strategy at the Tour of Flanders - VeloNews.com


Did this today. Agree it wasn’t as challenging as feared but a good session in the tradition of the Sufferlandria rides.

By the way, I hadn’t realised that GVA’s residence is in Transylvania. Seems appropriate enough though. I’ll see if he is around next time I am in the neighbourhood. I guess the castle is his summer residence?


Finally did this ride yesterday and I’ve got to agree it wasn’t as challenging and daunting as it seems initially. Definitely a good MAP workout I must say and is equally as good as Power Station.

Towards the middle of the second set and the 3rd set of intervals, I really had to dig a little deep but it didn’t left me broken after the session as I went on to do SUF Idol and yet still have enough energy to do other things throughout the day and not even taking a short nap. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I did it today and found it hard enough! Think some of you might have been holding back in the 5 minute section of Full Frontal :wink:

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@Francois-Wahoo @David.McQuillen.KoS Is Rue The Day going to be added to the list of acceptable KOS approved workouts? Or is it in the same classification as Half is Easy which is not on the list?


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@emacdoug Not sure if I read this somewhere or not but my impression is that quest eligible workouts have to be more than 40 minutes long so I think Rue the Day should be eligible. However that doesn’t apply to Primers (which doesn’t have sound) and perhaps also doesn’t apply to Tapers?

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