🏞️ 🏞️ 🏞️NEW SYSTM CONTENT: On Location - Italian Lakes 🏞️ 🏞️ 🏞️

Don’t give the minions ideas.



Nobody is stopping you, you can stand for the entire video.


Love the new location!
As others have noted, the Ghisallo 19-min over-under is tough. About two-thirds, I was mumbling back “how could i not be in the red right now?!”
The day after I was actually poking around for a recovery ride(!), and saw the description of the Workout of the Week, Getting Away with It, which turned out to be the perfect day-after ride (also featuring Sir Mike).
Thanks again for the awesome content!


I wasn’t sure what to ride today and ended up doing a long 2 hours mostly zone 1 ride with a hard effort in the middle. Wasn’t as satisfying as I wanted it to be. Then I came on here and remembered these new rides were available. Now I know what I’ll be riding the rest of this week. :slight_smile:


Indeed. I couldn’t have agreed more when Mike said (roughly!) 10 seconds can seem so long but 50 seconds can seem so short!


Does @michael.cotty have the best job in the world?

Did the Ghisallo ride last night and really enjoyed it.


I rode Ghisallo and Lugano. Both were fantastic workouts. Scenery is amazing, and the rides are also fun.

Next up is San Vitale to Ponte Tresa tomorrow. Should be just as good. Looking forward to it.


San Vitale to Ponte Tresa was beautiful and both too short and too long at the same time.

Seems fitting thanks to the minions and all those “10 second” intervals. When Mike said “that one might have been a little long but who’s counting?” I reflexively answered, “The minions, of course.”

Still, a very enjoyable ride. Keep ‘em coming! :pray::heart:


Did my first one of these today, the Lugano one, very nice - perfect virtual sunshine now that the weather outside is cold and wet. Mike, as ever, is a great guide - am I the only one who replies out loud to him when he asks how I’m doing, how are my legs feeling?

Also spotted Sir Neal Henderson freshening up in the Sufferlandrian fountain of tears…


Nope, same here!


Lol!! :laughing:

I’m pretty sure I’ve answered him a few times. lol.


@Rupert.H , the On Location - Italian Lakes: Ghisallo has a stray ‘speed up’ (engine revving) sound effect right at the start. It plays immediately after the workout loads after you click ‘Start Workout’, before the workout has started to actually play.

Thanks for flagging, that should be updated now.
We were just too eager to get you going :biking_man::dash:


I finally rode Lugano this morning. Another glorious On Location, chapeau to the team who put it together.

Do people do anything when cadence targets but not power targets change (like the main block on this workout)? Going low cadence to high in ERG sees you end up way over power target, whilst dropping the cadence down to 60rpm sees you go a fair bit under for power until the turbo catches up.

This morning I took hitting the space bar to pause the workout to take a few seconds to get close to the power / RPM target and then go again.

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@Harpoon I try to make smooth transitions from low to high cadence and back down to low. It seems to work with respect to minimizing spikes.

I do the opposite, transitioning abruptly and hard when cadence increases because I like to see the little spike in my power, and I have a delusional belief that if I do it often enough and hard enough it might move the average wattage up a wee bit (it doesn’t, ERG mode quickly takes away the extra my legs gave), but when the cadence decreases I try to transition gradually and keep the power steady and not lose a milliwatt.