Nit-Picks and Typos

It would help if you indicated which workout this is from.

Mid tempo sub threshold Efforts

The Even Lower Cadence misdescription is still there in the Shovel part of Kitchen Sink.

There was an unexpected Easter Egg a little earlier too.

On the website listing which rides have and have not been done, Rising from Ashes is not listed under All Inspiration rides.

I have no idea how to create a new post but on Half Monty there is no ability to scroll forward to the recovery section. Also, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a swim workout that actually calculates the total correctly.

Not even if you pause and drag the slider on the graph forward? I’m pretty sure that’s how it works on all workouts.

I’m able to do it on other workouts but not that one.

I did Half Monty last week. There was no problem pausing and dragging the slider forward. I suspect you just ran into a temporary glitch.

We’ve all done this…Tasmania Mt Wellington ride about 19:34 in.

After Rue The Day I’ve learned that the Brits use punctuation outside quotation marks and the Americans inside.

Like in the screenshot, I’d expect the ‘maybe,’ to be ‘maybe’, and the question mark after “perhaps” to be inside only if the quoted person posed it as a question.

Learnt something today :smiley:

The work out instructions (for riding outside) in Tempo Increasing: 30/20/10/5 doesn’t match the description or actual workout. I’m fact I’d say I’d be almost impossible to complete the workout if you followed the written instructions!