No Email after Activity

I used to get emails after completing an activity but for some reason nothing is being received. I’ve checked spam and even after resending it from the completed activity on the calendar in Systm I still don’t receive anything. Is anyone else having this issue?

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I was having that issue for a loooong time and resolved quite awhile ago.

I was able to resolve this by adding to my contacts in Outlook. I assume it was hitting the spam filter and not ever reaching my local spam/junk filter.

It’s strange as it’s not even getting that far. I might try changing my email address to see if that makes a difference.

Having you added the contact manually to your contacts in whatever email client you are using?

I’m saying this because they weren’t getting in to my spam or junk folder either. After I added that email address to my contacts all was good.

So I’ve changed my email and it’s now worked. It’s the same domain with a different prefix so no idea why the previous email wasn’t working. I might raise a ticket with the minions to see. Thanks Glen.


I’ve had the same problem for about a month or two. It’s not a big deal for me and I haven’t had time to play around with it.

Yeah, it’s been about a month for me. Not a big deal either but just something I noticed that stopped working.

Hey guys – drop us a line here and we’ll try to help sort this out with you: