Norway Fundraising Challenge

Not only first time ToS here, but also first time fundraiser, and apparently I am not that good at it. There is not really much tradition for private fundraisers here, but I am giving it a go still.

Looks like it customary to come up with some kind of wacky things to do while suffering, and ideas to add to the suffering. Although it probably does not compare to much else of the inventions from fine Sufferlandrians, I have tried to “make” the Norway Challenge.

It so happens I have signed skinsuit previously owned by the featured Pro in “Norway”, CF Hagen (see photo evidence from pain cave photo below), and if I am able raise contributions to the goal of $500 prior to undertaking Stage 5, I will do the stage in his old skinsuit. “Where is the challenge in that?” you might ask. Well, now for some stats:

CFH: 180 cm, 65 kg, size S
Me: 185 cm, 85 kg, size L/XL

So there is that. It may prove a challenge just to get dressed, and I am pretty sure it will not be comfortable. I will of course provide photo evidence if there are forum contributors. Unfortunately I have no idea how to set up a live feed, but if someone has an easy step by step recipe for that I might attempt to do so.

Have spread the word to my cycling club (which just happens to be the same club as CF Hagen’s) hoping for some contributions. Will spread the word to my work colleagues as well, although I am finding it hard to explain the concept to outsiders…

Thank you!


You‘re doing great already, Magnito.

I‘m not much help with drumming up donations, but you got my support (and a small donation)!

I will share and like wherever I can.



Thanks a lot Pierre, you are too kind!

Yeah, kinda had second thoughts before I posted here in the first place, as everyone here are donating all across Sufferlandria already.

But hey, if you never try, you will never succeed!


Let’s get this to the front page. @Magnito, Will CF Hagen ride with you, virtual or otherwise?


Thanks @Erik-KOS!

Looks like it’s not gonna happen unfortunately, I have not got any better at this fundraising thing apparently :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

He will not be with me other than in spirit, and signed skinsuit. So maybe some of his old sweat is there, haha.

I have asked him to try the workout at some point, but I believe he left for Girona today and have quite strict guidelines from his team wrt training (and potential profiling)

Well I donated. Maybe we can get there by tomorrow…

Thanks a lot for the generousity @Erik-KOS !

I will delay for as long as I am able, and make an extra donation myself if need be. :+1:

I will donate $20 for you NOT to wear that skinsuit! It’s signed as well. You’ll ruin it! :smiley:


No worries @Francois-Wahoo, I am sure he will re-sign if need be :slight_smile:

Ok, in the middel of GOAT, need to finish :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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All right, cooldown.

Guess you put me in kind of a squeeze there @Francois-Wahoo, I am not sure which option will bring in the most donations; wearing it, or not? :smile:

Guess I have to be fair to those already donated :wink:

Wonderful idea.

Second ToS, first time donating to somebody’s fund raiser. You got me thinking about what I should do as a fundraiser next year:)

Thanks a lot William, grateful to “be your first”, and happy that you got an idea from it!

First time ever fundraising for me, and did not really consider doing anything until Norway came along and I coincidentally had a skinsuit from the featured pro. Could potentially have made more out of it, but that was what I came up with on short notice. :man_shrugging:

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Currently reached 40%, still potential to get there. Heck, I will even suit up with a helmet and shoe covers (Norway is cold you know).

PLanning to do it in 4 hours, but may delay if there is potential to reach the goal :+1:


Ok, sad to say it looks like the broom wagon is catching me on this one and I won’t be able to deliver on my goals.

Guess it will be the 100th anniversary jersey for the Norwegian Cycling Federation instead of a Lotto-Soudal skinsuit…?

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The skin suit idea is marvelous, but understand the reluctance.

I also like the idea of you going “full Norway” for the ride as you are in Norway and have a tie to the rider that is the basis for the ride. It would be fun for us non-Norwegians to see what “full Norway” might mean to you. Flags, warm clothes, viking ships:)

Here are some full Norwegians biking in summer:

They start early, in the womb


A few years later, same story.


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Hahah, nailed it @Erik-KOS :joy:

Sadly I am rather short on classic Norwegian accessories like viking helmets, shields, long-swords, oil barrels, brown cheese, etc. so had to rely on my cycling clothing for this occasion (although not a specific Norway jersey it certainly does the job). Included a flag for show :bouvet_island:


Not reaching my goal has left me with a sense of losing, and letting those of you who donated down. However, I will have to apply the positive mindset and recognize I have raised more than if I did not try anything. In addition, this is my first ToS and first time fundraising, and I think I may have learned a few things that may come in handy next time around.

Anyways, I wanted to find a way to honour the donors even though the goal was not met, without actually doing Norway in Carl Fredriks old kit (also, I figured that @Francois-Wahoo kind of owes a $20 donation for not doing the stage with it, thus raising more money :wink: ). Hence, I figured I could just try on the skinsuit prior to Stage 5.

So, @Erik-KOS @Pierre @Wogrady (and maybe @Francois-Wahoo?), the below picture is in honour of your donation. Everyone else who wants to see should donate :wink: ($1, $2 or $999 does not matter)

I am kind of happy I did not have to ride with it, best case that would have been very uncomfortable. I felt like an aerodynamic sausage with the skisuit making me automatically want o bend forward, and was only able to breathe out when wearing it. PUUUUUH!!! :sweat_smile:

Hidden picture, please donate if want to view :)

Sure you have donated?
Ok then, click the blur :smile:


I think you should give yourself more credit. You did good, @Magnito.

Awesome job. And great effort. I hope you really enjoyed yourself.
DPF wins. Everybody wins. Hell, even the Skin-Suit kinda won. :wink:

Cheers. Two more to go…

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Carl? Carl? Is that you Carl? :slight_smile: Awesome work man. It 'speeduits" you Sir!
Put some money in your kitty!

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