Offline mode missing

Hey guys,

the pain cave where I set up my kickr is in the basement, so I don’t have wifi there. No problem so far as I can download my workout in advance. But - to be able to start my workout I first need to start the app with a working wifi connection so that my subscription can be verified. Works in most cases but often enough I’m clipped in and ready to go, but then need to stop and walk up three floors back to my flat which is… quite annoying, to put it mildly.
Could you add an offline mode with a token, valid as long as my subscription period? Would be great!

PS: also a to-do list of workouts would be nice. I don’t really follow a plan and just choose a workout I like each time I ride so a list would be handy.

Everything else is great :smile:

Best regards

Hi there. Firstly - welcome to the forums.

What device are you using (so can pin this down).

As an example, if I chuck my iPhone in to flight mode (and I double checked that I then had no data or Wi-Fi access), I can then start SYSTM fine, and run an already downloaded workout.

So wondering if this is specific to an o/s just to help narrow it down to start with, as that just be frustrating.

Hi Martin, thanks for the welcome and thanks even more for the quick response!

I use an iPad 8th generation, Wi-Fi, running iPad OS 14.4.1. Actually I never tried it the way you described. I usually start in my WiFi download my today’s workout and then head to my basement with my Tablet in sleep mode.

Would be great to hear more from you!

Hi - when you get to the place you’re trying to start playing a workout can you post the message you get on the iPad?
As an aside I’ve tried to replicate the authentication issue and So far I’ve not found a way on an iPad or iPhone.
Which rhymes true as to the best if my n ielesfe if the app is open, you’re logged in, you don’t need the internet.

But anyway - to get you going - can you try, in the house, with Wi-Fi available, download a video again (for testing sake let’s do a new download of any video).
When it’s complete. Just put the iPad in to flight mode and then load up the workout you just downloaded and press play. The connections don’t matter, we’re just trying to prove it’ll play to begin with.

I’ve just done that with two videos on my iPad and iPhone. All good.

For visibility, I beta test for Wahoo, so sometimes I’ll be on beta software and we have therefore have slightly different versions. I’m not aware that that is relevant in this case, but just making that small chance visible.

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Hey Marin, so I did some tests the last days and applied the method you proposed - I didn’t face any further issues. Actively disconnecting from the web seems to be the key I guess.

So thanks a lot for your support! I’m really excited about your response time and your commitment!


Hey no worries. Enjoy :slight_smile: