Why Can I Not Use the App without Wifi

I tried to use the SYSTM app with a downloaded video in a location that did not have WiFi. The system required I subscribe even though it could reference a local copy of my personal information.

Not every place even in the “advanced technological” world has access to Wifi consistently or at all.

Why can I not use the app in these circumstances. Is Wahoo really worried about being cheated out of money?

I just downloaded a workout to my iPhone and put in in airplane mode and made sure wifi was off and it played fine. Contact the minions at support, it might be an issue with a particular video.

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According to the minions this was an application bug that they thought was fixed. The workaround is to log onto the app when connected to WiFi. I was accessing the app through an iPad.

The suggested workaround is not always possible. I hope they setup regression tests to prevent these types of regressions from happening as changes are made.

@Heretic I just tried the same on iPad. I downloaded Full Frontal and turned off WiFi and put in airplane mode. The video started with no issues.

I have Primers today and will try downloading and disconnecting for that one to see what happens.

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My Neo can work on with my workout power (it does not have to be plugged in). With a downloaded video and an iPad, I want to be able to workout even during a power failure.

@Heretic Ah - got it. Love the dedication. Meanwhile I will be likely shoveling snow or raking my roof.


It should work as you describe offline… Was tested etc, and I’ve used it in the past. So either the app has glitched for you, or a bug has crept in more recently.

At least you’ve logged it so it’ll get addressed