Ok, that's enough post ToS recovery already!

…time for me to get on it again now. I’m feeling good after a slow and easy recovery week (light pedaling, walking, stretching and weights) so I’m going to do Attacker today. Only time I have done it before was the last leg of the last stage of the Tour last Sunday when my legs were like jelly, so I’m looking forward to attacking Attacker with fresh legs today.

How are you all feeling after a week of recovery?



I just got my second shot, so a few more light days for me. Suffer mightily!


Feeling great, decided to tackle Team Scream this morning, after an easy week. Felt strong throughout, almost too strong. I see FF in my future…


Good news here too - did Norway today with intensity at 104%. All went well, if anything probably easier than it should have been.

I’m on ToS recovery plan at the moment but fancied Norway instead of Open 60. FF sceduled for end of next week!

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I’m still feeling some fatigue, both physical and mental. Not really ready to ramp up the efforts yet, so I’m going to be sticking with the post-ToS plan, through to FF next weekend. I’ve been trying to get some extra yoga sessions in to try to help with the recovery.


I’m still a little tired but cracked through Norway yesterday and went out for a thrash on the MTB for a couple of hours today.

Feeling like I can ramp back up again now, not going to go straight in at 100% but I need more than the 20min easy cycle on the post tour plan now.

I think I’ll keep the plan on the calendar and do the primers and FF next weekend as it will be interesting to see what the Tour prep and Tour have done to my fitness but I think I’ll chuck in a few tougher workouts during the week.


Holy cracker! Rode my first Micro Interval today and thought “what the heck have I gotten myself into?” :joy: If it wasn’t for my favorite high-speed band, Silversun Pickups, I don’t think I would have made it through that last interval. Check out their song “Panic Switch” if you need something to amp up your ride. :fire::zap::biking_woman:t2:


I did the Micro Intervals today for the first time as well. Actually felt pretty good, so the recovery plan must be working!

Nice soundtrack choice! It was some Mogwai for me. Not quite high-tempo, but good energy to get me through the session.


I still have some fatigue, but also have FF on Saturday. So, still taking it somewhat easy until then. After that, tho, the chains come off.

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After doing Attacker I did my first outdoor ride of the season on Tuesday. Did a nice easy flat ride, about 35 miles, and felt awesome.

Sweet! Nothing like raging guitars and drums to keep up the pace. I normally ride to my fav West Coast grunge bands (oh how I date myself) to plow through the touch spots.