Post tour

It looks odd having a blank space in my workout diary.I have 2 pilates classes next week, throw in a couple of pro rides and that will do me. Transitions, ramp up ramp down do not seem appetising , filling the week with recovery and inspirational rides seem like a meander to no where in particular, so a couple of leg warmers and a couple of stretchy strength sessions it is. I will see how I feel next week. What are you doing?


@alchurch Yoga all week along with primers on Saturday in preparation for an 80 mile gravel race on Sunday. That climb of Passo Dello Stelvio with ERG switched off really added a lot more fatigue than I was expecting post tour so I am cooling my heels this week.


I did some mobility exercises to prepare for a gentle reintroduction to riding.
I plan to do a HM soon.

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This felt like a hard training week and came after a recovery week, so I’m planing a week to finish off the rides I still need for the March Challenge and the UCI badge. Then a rest week then the prep week for HM/4dP testing. Daily yoga as usual.


I am due for a Full Frontal so rolling into the taper week for that starting tomorrow with No place like home…

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I have a century ride much earlier this year, so I’d already started the 12-week mountainous gran fondo plan. Unfortunately, the tour fell on a recovery week, so even though it was certainly less intense than previous tours, it sure as heck wasn’t recovery. So for me, back to the plan - yay :slight_smile:


Call me crazy, but on Monday I plan to start the six week KoS prep plan in hopes of storming the castle on April 29. Wish me luck!


@pkdaylu , not crazy at all. A number of Knights have used the Tour as the starting point for a KoS attempt. Best of luck for the preparation. We look forward to seeing your planned route. Let us know if you have any questions!

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I had grand plans for ticking off another badge-hunting ride, but the slow downloads put an end to that plan. So I cued up Recharger for a post-tour recovery ride.

My first XC MTB race of the season is next weekend, so this week will be a few workouts to try to prepare for that.


I have a 300k AAA Audax on Friday. Stelvio was the perfect Taper (!)… so not much until then - yoga, Primers, etc.

After that, I have a big event in late June, so that feels like a 12-week mountainous grand fondo (or similar) training plan.


I’m contemplating trying to do the entire ProRides catalogue as a series.
If the Pros can do the full rides every day on a Tour, surely we can managed a cut out section of them :smiley:


@Jon I have done all of them except for Tour de Suisse Women’s 3. There is a lot of intensity so definitely plan for that. The Hammer series was probably the hardest for me.

My method was to ride one each week (other than de-load weeks) followed by a Z2 ride the next day and then a recovery day. I am not sure I would recommend doing them all in a row but I guess it depends on whether you have upcoming events and also your penchant for suffering. They work really well as practice races or as “Send It” rides to the extent that you have those on your current plan.




I have no current plan set, I have no current events in mind. Most of my riding, this year, I anticipate to be simply enthusiastic group rides, so blowing myself to bits over a couple of weeks is of no harm and it will also be good practice for all of those unanticipated attacks on what were supposed to be sedate rides when you’re already fatigued and just came along for the spin :slight_smile:


@Jon Awesome! We look forward to hearing about it.


Just done a calculation and there is 27 hours and 47 minutes of riding in the current ProRides catalogue.

Is it particularly wrong that a part of me wonders if it could be even faintly possible to survive doing them back to back as an extended “knighthood”.
Efforts would need to be dialled down a little, but only so much as to not actually die on the bike.
28 hours on an indoor trainer isn’t that much, is it?

The “problem” for me are the +2hr long rides if I were trying to shuffle them into an ordinary working week as just something that happens every day. The volume that sit over 1.5 hours long are quite high to fit into a daily schedule that includes both job and family.

I added the HM and FF test Week plan to my calendar for this week post-Tour. I see this as an opportunity to bookend my indoor training season and transition to mostly outdoor rides here in the Northern hemisphere and see how my training winter went.

First week of December 2022 I did the Fitness Test plan without the Half Monty, then followed with a mid-season Half Monty test late January. Curious to see how I faired.

Not sure what I will do after that, probably will dial back to just the Monthly challenges and some badge hunting here and there.