Optimizing my rest days in between Alpe d'Huez and Tour of Flanders

Hi all,

Mid-September I’m travelling to Alpe d’Huez for 3 consecutive days of climbing.
This is the summary of the trip:

5 days after returing home, I’m attending the Tour of Flanders 177 km ride (estimated ~2000 m of elevation).

Now, all these rides are out of my comfort zone; I’m not a mountain goat at all and rides of 150+km’s are a big challenge for me.
Previously on our cycling trips, we did 3 Ballons, Stelvio, Mortirolo, Gavia, so I’m familiar with these type of rides and what they entail both physically and mentally.

My question would be: how do I approach those 4 in-between-days the best? I’m planning to do Yoga for sure, but what about (recovery/activition) rides?
Beware I’m working those 4 days so I have very limited time to train/recover (indoor only).

Thanks in advance for any tips you all have!

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I would spend all of them on my knees, thanking God that I live someplace where I can do bike trips like this.




Agreed, this is a great problem to have. I spent one day in the region many years ago (La Marmotte grand fondo) and it’s still brings a tear to my eye.

Anyway - I’d yoga each day, and do 30 mins easy spinning (so easy you don’t get a sweat). Sleep as much as you can, hydrate well, get those good fats in, and enjoy!


Agree fully re yoga and easy spinning and if me I’d do easy spin D1 (20 to 30 mins), rest day 2, easy spin D3 and Recharger D4 to re-awaken my legs for ToF (I think of it as a mini Primers). All listening to my body and ensuring sleep gets #1 priority.


Agree with the assessments given by a few of you. I would do Primers the day before the ride and Recharger on the third day. Day two would be yoga and yoga. Something to relax the upper body and lower back. Day one would be a recovery type ride. Any of the shorter recovery Inspiration rides and a stretching yoga session IMMEDIATELY after the ride (jump off bike to yoga mat).
And like several others, damn I’m jealous of your rides. Enjoy and be safe and healthy.


Hey Santiago, these sound like some awesome adventures. Here are some articles form our blog you ay find useful when considering all aspects of recovery:

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Thanks for all of the useful feedback @CPT_A @Imminent @Craig.Quarmby @jmckenzieKOS @Coach.Rupert.H

Enjoy the trip. I was there a few years ago and can say the Col d Sarenne is one of the most beautiful climbs I have ridden. The changing landscape was a joy. The air crisp and clear the only sounds my laboured breathing , cow bells and birds. I bonked at the beginning of the climb after a tough 3 days of riding and yet it is still a ride that lingers in the memory as one of my favourites. Enjoy!
I am also riding Flanders this year if they let UK residents in.

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