Oura Ring & intervals.icu integration

Hi everyone,

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Recently I’ve got an Oura ring and have been enjoying using it. I was looking for existing and potential integrations and decided to put together a small app to read sleep duration, HRV, and resting heart rate from Oura and import it into intervals.icu, hoping to correlate pedaling efficiency, power, HR data altogether for the coming months of training ahead. It was built in a way that is flexible enough for others to use it and you can find it here:

It is the first release of it but it worked well so far on my local runs and I believe it could work for others so feel free to evaluate it. The instructions to get it up and running are found in the link above. Any feedback is welcome.


Thanks a lot.
Interesting for Oura users would also be the integration of HRV4Training which pulls sleep data from Oura. This way rMSSD, SDNN and other metrics (soreness, fatigue, motivation etc.) could be automatically added.