Outdoor alternative to Chasing Legends

I have Chasing Legends on the plan tomorrow. I’d like to ride outside, so what would be a good substitute? I’m looking at something from the No Vid collection so I could send it to my Bolt.

Failing that I’m thinking of a 90 minute ride doing tempo to FTP on hills and zone 2 in between.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

@TTDragon How about Sub-Theshold 5 x 10. It has a bit more focus on FTP and the TSS is a bit higher but you could adjust it down 5% and it might work.

You could either just write it down or if you want it on your Bolt you.would need to create it in Training Peaks or another workout builder as SYSTM doesn’t push outdoor workouts yet. It is pretty easy to do and if the Bolt is connected to TrainingPeaks the workout just shows up.

That’s a good call @JSampson. Might knock the intervals back to 88% of FTP.

I use training peaks already to send work outs to my Bolt. This was yesterday Chores and Open 60.

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