Pain after 2 weeks off

I had to take 2 weeks off my training program, I was at peak fitness at the time (highest CTL so far), feeling great after each session, no pain at all, just fatigue.

After those 2 weeks I figured it would be sensible to start with a recovery spin, but after 10 minutes both my vastus medialis felt like they where burning and literally blocked.

I did lots of massage later that day and went for another recovery spin the next day, but got the same results.

Any idea how to get back to training again? Thanks.

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Hey @emilio123,
Sorry to hear about your pain. That must be very frustrating. A recovery spin should definitely not elicit that sort of pain. Have you tried to do some mobility with yoga or SUF strength recovery session as a warm up? If pain and discomfort persists, definitely consult a physio or physician to rule out anything more serious.

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If you’re getting pain around VMO then there are a number of different causes.

Firstly, what’s your age? If you’re slightly older and you spin a low cadence then there’s the possibility of some osteoarthritis (the medial knee always goes earliest). It could be something simple like a VMO myofascial trigger point. Unfortunately without examining you it is hard to say (I’m a chiropractor).

At what stage of the pedalling cycle does it hurt, and how would you describe its character? Sharp, achy, dull? Any pain ever in any other activities (such as walking up/down stairs)? So many questions to ask but I feel over the Internet it is hard to diagnose and offer you the best advice.

If it’s hurting 10mins into a recovery ride effort after 2 weeks rest… I think you should get yourself looked at.