Plan & extra time on bike

Hello all,
Is it okay to do other rides outside the program?
Stick to the plan but add other rides notably group rides.
The plan I am on is aimed at climbing.

So my view is “yes,” but just note that you may need to skip some of the planned rides if your group rides are hard; you may not be able to just lay additional training on top of your plan without getting unproductively fatigued.

So of course, this means you’re introducing some imprecision: replacing a planned, very targeted ride with something that may have a totally different training impact.

But I think that’s okay. After all the whole point is for it to be enjoyable, right? Just use good judgement and try to be disciplined when appropriate, and pay attention to your body and how it’s responding. Enjoy!


Hey @Otium ,
Many athletes incorporate group rides into their plans. @devolikewhoa gives some great advice. The keys are matching volume and intensity as closely as possible and manage recovery. The plans are meant as guardrails and you become your own coach. Enjoy and let us know how you’re getting on.



Yes has to fun.
It’s the idea of just grinding alone whilst following plan that didn’t seem much fun…

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Good news.