Training plan for improving on group rides

So I’m considering what training plan to choose this winter. I’ve been riding more seriously for about 4 years now and always had a few simple goals:

  • Improving on group ride performance. I’ve been riding in a few groups for the past years and, as a bit of a competitive person, I wanted to go from middle in the pack to top of the pack. We ride together and leave no one behind, but there are segments where why try to drop each other.
  • improve my time on my favorite route. I have a 50k route that is mostly flat with a 10k hilly segment (a few steep, short climbs).

Next to that I choose a few specific events and long rides every year, but those are not really goals I train for specifically. The last few years I relied on the general fitness plan, but the results weren’t overwhelming last year and I would like something new to try out. Any recommendations based on the two goals I’ve mentioned?

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You might need to talk to a coach about this as I see no ‘general’ plan that meets your needs. Most are geared towards an end event like a Fondo, a Gravel Grinder, or an MTP event. However, you state you want to catch onto the front group, so you may want to explore MAP/VO2/AC improvement plans, but they are short in duration.


What is your goal? Drop most of the group or pulling the group?

Have you tried specific workouts as for instance 14 vise grips, do as you’re told or half is easy? I am no coach and don’t know you numbers. But a mix of short to medium intervals might help you.


For me, participating in challenging fast group rides was one of the best ways of improving fitness.The fittest/fastest I’ve been was when I was regularly doing 3 a week. After a couple of years I went from straggling off the rear of the group to up front contesting KOMs and town-line-sprints. For training in the depths of New England winters, I did something similar, 8 way Computrainer group rides at a local bike shop.