Possible FAQ? Sync RGT activities to Garmin Connect?

Not sure if this is a FAQ… .it’s been commented but not answered.

Does anyone know how we connect the WAHOO RGT rides to Garmin? I have to sync them to strava and then export FIT


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This is not possible at the moment.

One user suggests it is a limitation of Garmin’s atm so not actually up to Wahoo. RGT Workload to Garmin Connect? - #44 by Kayak

Others suggest dual recording (using a head unit/watch that already auto-uploads to Garmin.)

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Best to dual record. Uploading to Strava, exporting the FIT and unloading that to Garmin may show it on your activities list but Garmin still won’t add it to your load/fitness calcs.

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Not true, see

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It is true, unless you go the extra length of modifying the FIT file itself as mentioned. Taking the FIT file as provided from RGT won’t do training effect/load. Only modifying it will.

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Yeah I CBA’d Is less effort to just dual record.

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Doesn’t that then show up as two activities in strata?

I’ve been downloading the fit files from RGT (I have RGT email them to me) and then manually upload them to Garmin Connect on their website.

Yesh but you just delete one of them. Still easier than downloading, editing, and re uploading a FIT