Power calc

I’m a newbie to SUF; got off to a bad start when I strained my low back 2 weeks ago though -psyched (crossed fingers) to get back in saddle and get training.

My question: Is crank arm length a variable built into the formula for power calculation within my KickR? (I use 145cm cranks; this thought came to me after swapping out from the standard stock size).

That is a good question. I don’t think crank arm size is used by the app - just wheel size. Maybe ask theminions@thesufferfest.com.

Also on the lower back issue, I find that common when I return to cycling and it seems to be the result of tighter hamstrings and quads and also core strength. I find that the yoga and strength training really helps to avoid this.

It doesn’t matter what length cranks you use. Power is derived by the KickR independently of your crank torque. It’s basically a function of flywheel speed and magnetic resistance. It doesn’t matter how you apply power to the cranks.