Running Power

Are there any guides for converting the SYSTM running workout targets to power targets for those running with power?

I would much prefer that. The ‘workouts’ listed for running don’t have much use for my training. I train with power using 8020 Endurance Plans through Training Peaks. I would need something along those lines with Systm for sure.

They do actually have power targets. You just need to adjust intensity until the FTP number (they were mapped before 4DP) matches your fun FTP/CP.

Certainly, for the videos that’s the case, not so sure on the newer no vid ones

I’m looking here at the chart all runs link to:

And there is no %of Power. It just Pace and such for RTP.


Yes, but I mean if you play one of the run video workouts they have power targets. As mentioned, I don’t know about the No vid run workouts.

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Thanks guys, I was looking at the same chart and was hoping there might be an extra column with running power. I guess the running velocity column could be used as a proxy for power?