PRO Rides ratio?

Hi. I’ve done a few pro rides since Norway was released some time ago. Crashed and burned now and then. I believe I’m a fairly fit guy and today during Santos… 1 my head started to think about the ratio (pro vs me).

  1. Is it possible to make the ratio public while riding?

  2. Strong rider vs female pro. Can the ratio make the power levels be higher than what the pro is producing?

  3. Please make it possible to choose 1:1 to understand how incredibly strong they are, and even maybe know if I can beat a female pro. Just for fun. Santos 1 today was fairly easy until I had to perform peaks around 400-700w. It really killed me.

Well, if you guys/ladies doesn’t understand, please let me know. “Magnus Suffered A lot”

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While it might be nice to have a 1:1 button for ProRides, I suspect it would be giving to much information away to the riders rivals. However, according to Pro Cyclist FTPs 2022 • Nicole’s FTP is 276 and weight is 55kg, giving her a w/kg of just over 5. Based on your weight, you could bump your numbers up to match and see how you get on

Good luck!