Profile - randomly resets rider weight

Although I set my weight with Profile > About You > Personal details when I check back later it is reset to a different and higher value.

I access SYSTM on iPad and web browser and after setting check the weight is shown as the same in both, yet sometime later when I check again it will have been reset.

For ERG mode this is not an issue (I hope - except for virtual speed) but Level mode is a lot harder as the reset weight is 12kg heavier.

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Not an answer but you’ll have to explain to me why an incorrect weight makes level mode harder in SYSTM.

The target power is the same and now you have to use your gears. What does that have to do with your weight?

As I understand it, Level mode simulates riding up an incline with Level 9 being like 4.5%. Rider weight being higher than normal would mean that the resistance increases quicker by increasing speed.

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Thanks for input on weight - I assumed level was similar to Zwift where weight does have an impact. I’m probably riding in ERG mode too much :grinning:

Thanks for posting this @Johan! I just checked my profile out of paranoia and it had my weight 16lb higher than it really is! I’m always in erg mode and wouldn’t have noticed —until maybe my upcoming 4dp test :astonished:

@Cheryl.Vasan be interested to know if yours also resets again. Not sure what actions on my part, if any causes it to reset.

Will do! I plan to check weekly and definitely before 4dP and any level workouts. I mostly ride in erg mode. It’s so weird that it set itself to a number I’ve never weighed.

I have the same problem. Weight resets to 75 kg.

Thanks for letting me know.

Interesting that it is the same value, 75kg, that my account resets to - must be a default value that is being used for some reason.

Out of curiosity do you all have other wahoo watches / bike computers?

Wondering if Systm is changing based on a conflict between Systm and the Wahoo / Companion apps having different values?

No watch or bike computer - checked Wahoo app and weight correct there. Wahoo SYSTM just reset my weight now - I started the app (iPad) and it launched and closed immediately, on restarting weight was reset to 75kg. RGT does not reset weight.

At this point it is probably easier to adjust your own weight to 75kg with a smart diet :wink:


I am having the same issue were my weight resets or doesn’t save properly in the System app. The only time I have been able to have it update is if I update my weight in the RGT app and then it updates in the System app but changes it from imperial to metric. Also changing my weight in the System and RGT app does not affect my weight in the Fitness and Element app.

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Nope. I changed weight on all plattforms (windows/web/ios/ipados/macos) it still resets to 75kg after some time.

RGT fine for me, SYSTM resets seemingly randomly to 75kg.

update: nope, that wasnt it

ok guys, i think i found the fix (at least for me). i thought i changed the weight on every plattform i am using. but as a kickr bike user i forgot the wahoo app (not systm app), u have a profile there too and it was set (dont know why) to 75kg. i changed it and since then i had no more resets of my weight, i hope it will stay so.
so for the kickr users out there with the reset problem, open up ur wahoo app and look under profile, change the weight accordingly. tell me if that fixed it for u.



Thanks for update but I had checked the Wahoo app (device app) previously and weight is correct and does not change. It also does not change in RGT. Only SYSTM resets to 75kg.

It looks like the default weight used by Wahoo apps is 75kg

From your description possibly you had not set your wieght in the Wahoo app.

yeah its not working for me either, keeps resetting :open_mouth: