Progressive intervals in a plan

Hi, I have been mtbing for about 6 years now but prior to that I was a competitive runner. I was self coached in the beginning and had a coach before getting injured and turning to cycling.

I have been going ok as a cyclist having had some structured and unstructured programs and have been using sufferfest since March 2020.

I enjoy sufferfest having done half a dozen programs but I’m starting to miss the progressive type intervals/distance I found motivating and rewarding in other programs. By this I mean things like building up from 3 x 1km reps to 6 x 1km reps over 3 weeks etc.

I trust in the science of sufferfest but find it’s all over the place, depending on what you’re training for, and rarely do you do the same workout twice in a program. I find this hard to compare workouts and therefore progress.

Are there any programs that have progressive intervals (probably another name for that) or any recommendations? I could pick a couple of workouts and repeat them etc I suppose.


I know the 3 or 4 week FTP training blocks have FTP Progressions. Think it went 5x6, 5x7, 5x8. There’s a 4x10 in the library as well If you want a little more.

Thanks @Brian_Kraemer I will take a look. Cheers

I was under that impression as well until I realized that there is (or do I just make this up in my mind? @anySUFcoach) a progression for example in the all purpose road beginner plan (from which I pick the 3key sessions and supplement with zone 2 at the moment)
The bat- defender- who dares are for example increasingly difficult in terms of lactate clearing

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Hey @Mowag that would make sense I guess. Trust in the programs and science. Call me boring but I find building on one type of interval and progressing to longer/harder/shorter/faster etc, intervals rewarding and motivating. Thanks