Public Apology to GvA

(This is written just for entertainment purposes, hopefully it gives some of you a laugh)


Dear GvA,

I am writing this to apologize for my failure to complete ISLTT.

Usually I relish my Sunday rides to have an extra helping of suffering. MAP Builder: Two Sets of 3x6 and Cobbler are two recent ones.

I tried to get back on the bike and finish up, GvA, I swear I did. There were 26 minutes and change left in the final segment, and I had already fought off a couple of foot cramp pangs. But the left foot started, then the right, and I just realized I didn’t have it in me.

I know you’re disappointed about the loss of the stage, but I hope you’ll accept this public admission of failure as sincere act of contrition that it is.



evil laugh

Heretical thought…have you ever actually seen a flogging station? Do they really exist? Are they just stories made up by our Sufferlandrian ancestors to keep us in line?

Maybe the feelings we have when we do not complete a workout, or a challenge we set for ourselves are worse than any flogging station could ever be.

:smile: :innocent: :smiling_imp:

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Be very careful or you might find out first hand. Which… whispers …I don’t recommend


So you have personal experience? :wink:

I always thought those stories came from the period of the Couchlandrian invasion (see Elements of Style). :smiley:

gotta be careful. flogging stations do exist and they’re extremely unpleasant, just saying… :confounded::woozy_face::face_with_head_bandage:


@Heretic I report to my personal flogging station almost every day.

Sufferfest Bike Torture Chambers