Ventoux ProRide just dropped!

Decisions, decisions…

(For the record, I chose option #3, eat a donut)


Flogging Station #14 to remove those Couchlandrian Tendencies. We don’t speak of donuts or Fight Clubs here.


It was iced with Sufferlandrian holy water, if that makes any difference.


Do the ProRide. So long as you convince yourself that the last bit doesn’t exist, it almost counts as recovery week.
After you’ve done the last bit, you’ll be glad it’s still recovery week…

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Donuts do not survive Sufferlandrian Holy Water, they dissolve into nothingness.

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I like to live dangerously between both worlds! In the midst of a recovery ride (I know, that’s a flogging) I was musing potential Couchlandrian mash-up rides. First one I came up with was “Couch-volver” which has two variants:

  • Between intervals, hop off bike, take off shoes, lay prone on couch, get back on bike before the gun sounds (being late means you have to do the interval over again)
  • Eat a donut hole between intervals

I guess you could conceivably attempt both at the same time, but that’d be some next level, um, suffering?

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You really need to visit a few flogging stations. 7 and 14 come to mind :joy: Actually, if I had a couch, I might give the first a go. Having a tile floor rules out lying on the floor unless I want serious back cramps!

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[quote=“jmckenzieKOS, post:7, topic:20015, full:true”]
You really need to visit a few flogging stations. 7 and 14 come to mind :joy:
[/quote]Can someone enlighten me what this is talking about, what the hell are flogging stations. 7 and 14 ???

[quote=“ozmadman, post:8, topic:20015”]

[/quote] can someone enlighten me on what everyone is going on about? flogging stations. 7 and 14 ???

In one of the Sufferfest videos, There Is No Try, Flogging Station #7 was introduced where “Those who only Try are educated by the Minions on the errors of only trying and not doing”. Flogging Station #5 is for those who need to hardened up. Flogging Station #14 was introduced for those who display 'Couchlandrian Tendendies" which were introduced in several Sufferfest/Wahoo videos. One of the most outstanding Couchlandrian Tendencies is speaking of ‘taking a vacation’ and ‘consuming donuts’. They are of course, tongue in cheek. We don’t endorse beating anyone with any object but rather do this in a joking and encouraging way.


IWBMAT is an exception, otherwise we wouldn’t be able TKYT :laughing:


We don’t need to, we have goats for that


My spouse will be disappointed to learn this. She rather enjoyed administering the flogging.


That’s true, Dame Isi but that is also self-administered torture! (the first part). We do beat others with our amazing leg strength.

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