Push workout outdoors

Hi. Can we expect ability to push workouts to garmin/wahoo for outdoor training? If so, what’s the expected timeline? Thanks.

I treat this feature like the ethos of Fight Club.

@peter_s Yes - they have commented previously in the forum that it is on the roadmap. I believe it was a feature when plans were in Training Peaks before SUF/SYSTM went to its own calendar. They haven’t commented on timing and it likely depends on how smoothly the coding goes.

Yes, this is on our roadmap and we are actively working on it. When will we release it? That we can’t say, I’m afraid – these things are tough to predict.


When SYSTM was launched, I believe it was indicated that the feature should be ready for northern hemisphere 2022 outdoor season.

I must admit it would be quite a disappointment if it is not. Riding in my moldy basement whitout natural light when the sun is shining and temperatures are on the rise is not exactly motivating.

As TrainingPeaks and TrainerRoad is already pushing workouts to Wahoo headunits, it surely cannot be that hard? You can even drop pushing the videos for the time being, if that makes it easier :wink:

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That’s my recollection too although I can longer find the post where it’s stated. It is disappointing that this now looks like “sometime in the future” rather then “next couple of weeks” :frowning:

I still think SYSTM is head and shoulders above everything else indoors, but for outdoors I’m going to be looking at the combination of intervals.icu and trainerday, at least in the short term.

Hopefully it won’t be too long before I can begin using SYSTM for outdoors too. When it’s ready, I’m sure the outdoor experience will be as good as the indoor one albeit very different!