Criterium training plan changes from Sufferfest to Systm

Are the Crit training plans significantly different on the new Systm Vs the old Sufferfest?

I cannot find the answer in any of the threads searching for Criterium or Crit as the threads are all pre Systm.

The old Sufferfest threads seem to suggest the Crit plan was “In Season” with races at the weekend (from what I’ve read in the posts) whereas the new Crit plans have lots of Endurance type training at the weekends, more so than the All Purpose Road.

This would seem to suggest that the new Systm Crit training plan is suitable as general training like All Purpose Road. I have successfully used the All Purpose Road to get fit but the new plans have lots of structured training that I cannot easily take outside not having a power meter on my bike. I remember the old Sufferfest All Purpose plans having more Endurance at the weekends?

The New Crit plans seem to have more of the Endurance training at weekends that I would have preferred. Would these be a better option than All Purpose?

The other differences I see with the Crit plan Vs the All Purpose are that the Crit has seated sprints and standing starts. I like the All Purpose Road and it seems to work for me time after time, but I was wondering about a change to see if I can make even more gains.

Can anyone shed light on the new Crit plans please? @Coach.Andy.T @Coach.Spencer.R or any of the coaches, can you shed light on any other this. (apologies for the tagging, it appears no one knows anything on the differences)