Adding races to training plan

Hi everyone,

I have noticed the coaches notes have been removed from the training plans. Before there were workouts that could be replaced by a race but we no longer have that visibility. In the coming year I want to prepare for crit racing with the crit training plan but would also like to race on zwift as part of the training.

Anyone has any experience mixing up training with races ? I was thinking of maybe racing every other week in place of a MAP session.

Any suggestions are welcome.


@Reynaldo_Lopez Yes - I have done that. 1st step is to categorize your races - A, B or C with A being high priority and C being practice races. I also use a 2:1 versus 3:1 schedule but sometimes switch to 3:1 midplan if I need to move stuff around for a race.

For practice races I generally just swap out a workout and try to make sure I don’t come into the day too fatigued and build in a warm-up, cooldown and keep an eye on things the next day and adjust as needed. For example, if you do a midweek race and then have 9 Hammers two days later and aren’t feeling it then be honest with yourself and swap in something else.

For B races I might do some additional prep - add in Tapers, Primers and/or Recharger to prep the legs a bit and also lay off any weight work that week.

For A races I generally follow the plan - making sure I have a full taper week and also try to make sure I am around where I need to be from a training periodization standpoint.

I would suggest just experimenting and see what works for you. If you look at the various plans you will see that there are lots of frameworks that you can use to swap stuff in and out.

Also note that there is a way to add additional races to the calendar. Pick a race prep plan where it ends in an event or includes a practice event mid-plan. Open the event and click the 3 dots - there should be an Add to Calendar option. Go ahead and add where you want to put your race. You can do this multiple times.

Good luck!

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Thanks @JSampson

I will give this a try, adding races to the plan. It’s off season at the moment but I want to arrive well prepared and I think that racing, even if it’s on zwift, will get me used to the high pace. Since zwift “crit” races are 30 minutes long or less I found it can be a nice touch.

Thanks for the suggestions!

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