Raid Pyrenees training plan

HNY All!

I am easing myself back onto training after operation/sepsis and then a pre christmas bout of covid. So, a fair bit of z1/2 for the next couple of weeks but then i have to start my prep for a raid pyrenees in late june.

I hope to get back to 255ish ftp at 72 kilo’s so 3.4w/k. I will be working on core strenth etc to better deal with 4.5 long days in the saddle. At 60y of age i know i will have to focus on recovery too. Its the cumulative toll of riding so long and with so much elevation that worries me especially given my riding has been hit hard by the sepesis etc these last 4 months. I am not quite starting from scratch but i certainly dont have the winter base i am used to carrying over. .I have done similar multi day rides before but not with that level of intensity. So, I am wondering what the best training plan may be to best prepare me anticipating, of course, the ToS as well. Any guidance would be much appreciated.

Agh the Raid Pyrenees brings back great memories. I and others have used the 200 mile gravel grinder for multi day events :+1:t2:

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Good to know the memories are positive :slight_smile:

I had a look and may need to replace some of the rides such as the earth rides i have seen and dont need to see again. I am also keen to incorporate some pro rides at a lesser intensity.

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