Re-schedule function - does it have any training plan smarts?

The ‘Reschedule’ function, for moving a scheduled workout to a different day… does it:

  1. Work just on that individual workout in the calendar view?
  2. Or are other workouts, say as part of a plan, rescheduled accordingly?

While the former alone is useful, it would be great if, for example, you could reschedule a group of workouts if you were unavailable for a few days and the plan then sorted itself out (either compressing/reducing/skipping etc).

Here’s hoping if not already this can be covered in a future update. Thanks.


It moves the individual workout to a different day. It does not move the other workouts in the plan, it would be a bit of a rescheduling ‘nightmare’ (with my dev head on) where the longer rides are always on the weekends, would these stay there and then the Friday workout moved to a Monday for example.
I’ve done it before with moving days around by day so I could see what was on and decide what I could do and when. I’m sure they’re working on a drag and drop to make it easier - though manual it would reduce the number of clicks.

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