A few words of appreciation for Recharger

I did this workout again this morning as I’m in the final week of taper before my event this coming weekend. I don’t know what it is about this workout but I always finish in the best of moods, feeling full of appreciation for everything. As much as I love the suffering and pushing myself to my limit, it’s great to take a moment to remind myself why I love riding so much.

Thanks Suf team for a great product!


Agree! I think the Team have done an outstanding job on this one and what it’s intended to do. I had it again yesterday - it really does put you in a great mood.


I have done Recharger 14 times, by far most of any Sufferfest videos. It always raise my spirits and brings me into a good mood no matter what.


Did that one yesterday as well and completely agree!!

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It is an excellent addition to the set of workouts. It’s great how it targets your mental state at the same time as being a physical workout.


Yes, I love Recharger. Always gets me a in great state of mind.


Yeah it’s a great video and handy workout to have in the library!

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Yes, thanks a lot for the awesome workout!

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Recharger is the fine work of Sir @Francois-Wahoo!


Expecting even more fine work from @Francois-Wahoo in the new app! :star_struck:


Since Recharger added I have been using it instead of “Regeneration 30mins”.
What do you think is it a good replacement of “Regeneration 30”? Or… is it too much in some cases?

Hear hear, It’s an awesome workout @Francois-Wahoo

Thank you guys.
Means a lot to receive such great feedback.

Now maybe GVA will buy me a new bike as a reward.
This time I’d really like one with a rear derailleur cause the one I have now makes it hard to go up past Mt Sufferlandria’s 3rd hairpin…


More likely to be a Kickr bike mate, but at least you can change gears on it!!! :grin:

I completed Recharger again today and I couldn’t agree more with all the previous comments. Cracking video with a fab upbeat soundtrack that always lifts my spirits. Simply superb!

Recharger is awesome, a definite go-to for a short quick workout ride. As Dafydd mentioned, the fab upbeat soundtrack really does the trick. So much so that I use it for outdoor workouts at times to keep me moving along when the suffering is high and the stem is tasting mighty good. Chapeau!


I’m still trying to figure out what town we ride through in Recharger, does anyone know where it is? It’s such a beautiful place! I keep attempting to narrow down the locale by reading signs, but they’re just too blurry in the video or we’re hammering by too quickly :wink:
Thanks to anyone who might know. It’s just another positive feature of this great workout.

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Hey there! The first village is Nernier and the second is Yvoire.
Both are medieval villages located on the shores of Lake Geneva, on the French side. :slight_smile:


Fabulous! Thank you, Francois, that’s great to know.:+1: I get to Geneva once in a while so will have to try and rent a bike when I am there to visit those towns. To recharge, of course :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


This week I did a nice flowy downhill road section and immediately the soundtrack from Recharger popped into my head. I had a blast in the winding corners!