Studying the interesting case of Recharger

Although GVA forbids us from disclosing actual numbers, I can tell you that the Recharger session is by far the most played session on the platform.

As the maker of SUF, I’m curious to understand if there is a specific reason for its popularity, beyond the fact that it is the perfect easy day workout.

How much of it is purely from the actual workout profile, how much is from the video/audio environment. What can you tell us that we can learn from?

Anybody wants to chip in with their feedback?


It’s a relaxed recovery but more interesting than the long sections at such a slow place in the easy inspiration vids - even the other inspiration vids seem tough going when you have a section at the same power, or very little change, over 15- 20 min blocks. Recharger alleviates this because there is fairly constant change making it more interesting and more repeatable.


Personally i think it’s probably actually too hard for a recovery session, but i can very much relate to it’s popularity.
Going and spinning zone1 power for an hour during a recovery week is boring and requires some discipline → recharger is perfect for some mental recovery when you need a little break from the structure


It’s a useful length (we lack shorter sessions in SYSTM currently) and it’s suitable year-round.

I’ve used SYSTM very little so far this year, the weather has mostly been great and my circumstances have allowed for outdoor riding. As such, though, there are still some days where you want a little light session, or the light has gone and you just want something, or you did a big session yesterday and you want a recovery.

Recharger is fun, it mixes up the efforts just enough and it suits being a session you can just throw in to recover your legs, to loosen your legs or just for the sake of it knowing it’s not going to have any real impact on the rest of your cycling that week.

It’s certainly my most used video of this year so far.


Great music
Great race footage
Engaging story
Almost constant variation in pace and lack of repetition that the ride is over in a blink of an eye
Its engaging in the same way that an outdoor social ride is because you feel like part of the peloton what with all the captions.

The bit when Alaphilippe sparkles, oh and every other bit with him in.


Long story short: I came for a recovery session but stayed for the smiling camels. :dromedary_camel:

Long story long: This session always energizes me. I get to it whenever I involuntarily have to take days off to get me back going. Also, it’s the perfect session for days when I lack motivation. The music and the storyline are just so engaging. Making me think about what I love about riding, which rider I look up to, and all of that.
I even wonder why the jokes don’t wear out on me (“You say I’m a Watt?”, “You call this a pyramid?”). I guess the latter is because all the little jokes are topped with one more line than you would expect.
And of course you really got the tunes just right for that session. The music is just spot on for the purpose of “Recharger”.


I don’t do Recharger as often as I’d like, mainly because I’m scared it will grow old at some point.

It hasn’t happened yet though and it always, always does its job of recharging me - both mentally and physically.

It is a brilliant video. The balance between the workload, the music, the footage, and a few jokes really works.

It would be lovely to have an alternative to Recharger, but the bar is high.


It does what it says on the tin. Love the humour and the time for self-reflection. Perfect length. Love the variety. Perhaps part of the reason for its frequent flyer status is it always appears in the fitness test prep weeks too.


I do Recharger a lot and it has not even started to grow old on me. Really. I still wonder why that is. Maybe the SUF guys secretly found the source of eternal youth and somehow put it into the Recharger video.


Besides Recharger being an excellent workout, maybe your statistics are biased by the number of training plans that include “Recharger” as well as by times of repetition within the respective training plans. :nerd_face: :point_up:


I second this one, as I only ever come to Recharger whenever a plan calls for it. I think there’s some selection bias, since pretty much every plan includes Recharger, I would guess regardless of rider profile. It does seem to pop up quite a bit, though.

Love the scenery, village(s), music selection, Lou Lou, and the guy pushing the button cause a blackout at the end.


It is proposed a lot more in taper and training plans, so that could give it the bias you see on its popularity.

Likely by default it is selected when a user wants something shorter and not too strenuous, not wanting to be tested for too long :person_shrugging:t3:

I have only ever done it as for race prep. I do enjoy the music but stopped watching the video after the third instance of riding it. I have done it 12 times now but couldn’t recount any of the jokes or story telling or what is on the video.

I think it’s appeal is due to its music, it’s duration and it’s intensity.

Not sure what adaptions it gives other than when serving a purpose during a taper phase. Likely a timeout from being burnt out??

In the approximately two years I have used Sufferfest, I have done Recharger 17 times.

It is true that it often comes up in a plan. Nonetheless, I find it an excellent workout to test if I am recovered enough when I am jet lagged, or recovered from an illness.


Just checked the workout history on Recharger and seems I’ve now done it 96 times, so maybe I’ve affected the average :smiley:

I love this session, chilled enough, interesting enough and short enough to squeeze in during the day, or at the end of a tougher session.

Since the week with neighbourhood ride with Phil Gaimon and Commute Ride with Sir Neil I’ve found myself doing recharger much less as these are similar rides. The Hobart City ride with Nicole Frain gives another option too along similar lines for similar purpose.

It’s great to have the variety, although sometimes I don’t watch along to the video as am watching something else. Often use some of the inspiration series in the same way too.


Just recently in my family:

Best wife: „Wonderful! I have Recharger on my plan tomorrow!“
Wonderful daughter: „You lucky one! I have mine in two days. Looking forward to it!“
Me: „Had mine just this morning. Feeling fresh and recharged.“

Not kidding you: We even plan to spend our next vacation in the region of Nernier and/or Yvoire - the villages we all love riding through in Recharger.

Soundtrack: :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom:
Scenery: :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom:
Story line: :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom: :boom:

And the best: It works! You really feel fresh afterwards! :muscle:t3:


Same. 21 for me. I get it a lot. Though according to the Wahoo support site, I’ve actually done Cadence Builds the most. Because bitey hamster. I will say I grow tired of Cadence Builds, but not Recharger.



I’ve done Recharger 20 times. I’m actually surprised it’s only 20.

Recharger is one of my favorite workouts for many of the reasons that’s already been mentioned. Previously there were no real recovery workouts other than Recovery Spin (which I’ve ridden 148 times as I used to ride it almost daily), or using one of the Open sessions. And I have ridden Open 30 39 times.

I love it because it’s great for recovery days or recovery weeks, but especially for when I haven’t been riding for a while or I’ve been sick or injured and want to test out my recovery level or my fitness level. When I want to get back into the feel of riding and a recovery spin is too easy but I don’t want to just jump in with a hard workout.

It’s great for recovery when I’m fatigued as it has just enough effort to get the blood flowing and the perfect amount of recovery. None of the harder efforts are that hard or sustained. And the 3 short intervals at the end come when I’m feeling great and in the perfect spot in the workouts.

The whole immersive experience of the video is incredible. I love the music for almost the entire workout. The music choices are incredible. The soundtrack makes me smile even when I listen to it out of context, but is even better when paired with the video.

I love almost every second of video. The electric Alaphillipe section and the jokes and the smiles from the riders and the Sagan section and riding through the olde town and then on the nearly empty bike path and road. The scenery is incredible.

I love the cadence builds and especially the old-time video at the peak of the cadence pyramid along with the music. And the rider speech bubbles speaking the RPMs.

Recharger is almost the perfect workout video from start to finish. It flows amazingly well with every effort seeming to be put in the perfect place matched with the perfect music and the perfect video. I can’t imagine ever getting tired of it. I still look forward to it every time it comes up in my plan.

I mean, I can’t really say anything bad about it except I wish there were 3 maybe 4 Recharger-style videos to choose from so we didn’t have to ride the same one on our recovery days/weeks.


I always feel good when I’ve finished it. The story makes it stand out from other rides for me.


Soundtrack is :ok_hand:


@jfc Get your peaches off that stoop, Baby, work that hula hoop …