New in app: Recharger!

Ever have one of those days where you just don’t feel great? Where your motivation is a little low and your battery a bit flat? One of those days where you you’re not up for a big session but the idea of recovery ride bores you to tears? One of those days where what you really need is something that charges you up, leaves you feeling great and reminds you why you love riding? Recharger - available in the app now for all Sufferlandrians - is exactly what you’re looking for.

Not quite an easy recovery session but definitely not a hard workout, Recharger is unique in the SUF collection. Overall intensity is low, but a couple of short cadence and intensity pyramids provide the stimulus necessary to activate your nervous system and keep the mind engaged. When you finish, you should feel more energized than before you rode and ready to tackle the next workout with motivation and power.


Nice to see a new workout that will most likely fit into all plans. I’m on recovery week so looks like Cadence builds tomorrow will be on the back burner, or maybe do both.

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Ooooh, nice! This is exactly what I needed this morning. I’ll have to try it out, tomorrow!

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And if you need more motivation to give it a go, here’s the official trailer:


ok i found my next recovery ride!

Just did Recharger. Loved it! Replaced my no-vid recovery spin. While it’s not the same, it was a lot more fun than a 30 minute no-vid recovery. And easier and more recharging than “Getting Away With It”. Excellent new video. I also enjoyed the cadence pyramid. It’s a different experience than the cadence builds and holds.

Two small test issues.

  1. At the end of the cadence intervals, the speech bubble when you hit 90rpms says “95 rpms” instead of 90.

  2. Towards the end it should say “a set of 15 second MAP intervals” instead of “45 second”. There are 45 seconds worth of MAP work, but the intervals themselves are 15 seconds long.

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Perfect timing! I’d just spent the whole of this morning in a state of lethargy, my legs were tired and I didn’t feel like doing much in my working from home lunch break.

My turbo sits behind me in my home office, tempting/taunting me in equal measure. I don’t tend to be drawn to the open/novid/gcn workouts so when I saw the email with the new video I thought It sounded like the medicine I needed.

30 minutes later plus time faffing about and I feel much better for it. Great music, a nice variety of films and enough changes of pace/power to make things interesting without making me thing too much.

More like this please :+1:

nb. I couldn’t find Recharger on the Windows app, only iOS


Much more fun than just spinning and legs feel great.
Well Done all the team at the SUF


This is perfect for me right now with my recovery from Achilles surgery being in Phase 4 (PT) as well as just enjoying the ride when I want/need without the push of a hard workout or training plan. Thank you!


Lovely recovery - let’s say recovery + ride. So much better than a no vid as far as I’m concerned.
Question: who prefers old ending Suf flag waving in the breeze to new fire breathing suf shield? No big deal but I prefer calm ending - cooled down - get off bike feeling good - don’t need the adrenaline jolt .


Had Elements of Style scheduled for last night and was set to bin it off, UK lockdown 2.0 killing my motivation. Saw @David.McQuillen.KoS post on Facebook at 7.33pm UK time, one hour later fired up Recharger, just want I needed, didn’t feel the shame of missing a workout and really enjoyed a very polished session. Awesome job to all involved!


Just log out of the app, then back in and you should see it.

Just want to echo @spoons52. Brilliant! And congratulations to @Coach.Suzie.S for designing a great new workout for the SUF catalog! :clap::clap::clap:


Thanks @David.McQuillen.KoS I can see it in Windows now too, although logging out/in does feel like a bit of a clunky workaround.

This looks and sounds superb. Good job guys.

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I love the firey shield and deep bassy tone at the end… adds a wee bit to the rush I get after crushing it.
The calm wavey flag is OK too though.

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Recharger - I used this workout as a warmup before Weight Lifting today. It was perfect for me. I had one of my best squat days yet. Awesome and Thank you!


Yes - with you on that.

Think there should be a middle way to do that

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Great new video! Just what I needed this morning… as I reluctantly opened the Recovery section to to Recovery Spin for the zillionth time but actually wanted to do something slightly more intense and entertaining, then this new video was just there as if the minions read my mind :smile:


Recharger is a great way to do a Recovery Ride! Thanks for creating this one.