Recharger has been sanitised

The last 10 seconds of “Recharger” where the guy charging the system presses the Red button and an explosion happens … has been removed!

Can Wahooligan’s not handle an explosion?
Sufferlandrians could!

The soul of Sufferlandria has been removed from all areas of SUFR.

@Danny My recollection was that the lights go out in the buildings - not an explosion. It was cute but not really necessary.

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I stand corrected- you are correct - the lights go out. It was a bit of humour that has been removed.

Surely that’s just a mistake when the new SYSTM ending was added?

Good question for @Francois-Wahoo or @David.McQuillen.KoS.

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Mmmm… That’s weird. We’re sending Special Agent 5811 to investigate. We will let you know what he finds… :slight_smile:


Fortunately, the hamster still bites in Cadence Builds.


It does even with the new racing footage. Crazy fast hamster.

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she deserved it. :wink:

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I just downloaded and did Recharger today. The lights going off are still there at the end, after the laser goat does its thing.


No mention of Mount Sufferlandria being visible at the end and overall, no storyline was shown for me even though this was set to on in the settings.

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Smoke from Mt Sufferlandrian (@ 26:55) and lights going out (@ 30:30) still there for me. Removal of soul? Well GvA’s soul, and sole, is still kicking my ass so I’m going to disagree with that.


I did it on Monday and the storyline was missing, but the smoke was there. I checked again Monday night and it’ll the storyline back, including the smoke and lights out. So not sure what happened. But they’re all still there.


GvA has a soul?


Just to be 100% clear: Recharger is just as it was initially designed.
Missing end was an honest mistake from when we replaced the SUF outtro.
Missing storyline was due to a technical problem that wiped out the script (the Couchlandrian saboteur was caught and is awaiting trial).
Nothing sinister.