Rehab following a new hip

Covid allowing I’m off for a new hip next week. Has anybody got some advice for getting back up to strength??
Do I just do sessions I fancy but at a reduced % rate or is it best to do a plan? If so which?
All help much appreciated. Thanks

To be honest, I think this is something you better discuss with your physician during rehab first. He can give you a few pointers how to proceed, for sure.

Most SUF plans are pretty intense.

When your doctor gives you the green light, something like the Fitness Kickstarter plan is probably a good first move. Just to see how it goes.

Please be careful and good luck.

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:+1: unfortunately I’ve never been a very patient person :joy:

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Believe me I understand completely. I can‘t believe I am sounding so reasonable. :wink:

Please tell us what your doctors recommend and how you will proceed. I can‘t wait to see you come back to form and crush some SUF workouts in the future.

Patience will help you get you there sooner than later. Even if it doesn’t feel like it at the moment.