Remember Last Manual set 4DP values?

I live a place where I am lucky to ride outdoors most of the year, and that means i only use rollers and Sufferfest when I am forced to be inside because of weather or some commitments, which can be 2 weeks in a row, or a month between.

But when I train inside I love to have a good suffering with Sufferfest!

I use Xert, so have a good control of fitness, and how that compares to rollerfitness, and since I don’t use Sufferfest regularly its not practical to depend on 4DP testing.

Today my 4DP is the orignial I got from putting in my FTP @ 230 at the time I signed up. So every time I am starting a workout, I need to go in and manually adjust the numbers from 230 to 270-300 depending on time of season.

Today there is a “Workout Targets” part in Settings where I can set FTP. But this is not linked to anything, so even if that is set at 280, next workout I start will start with FTP of 230.

Is there a way to manually set the 4DP from the menu? And to get it to remember it until it is changed again?

So this week with 5 indoor workouts planned, this is getting a bit annoying :wink:

Yes to more time Suffering, and less time preparing to… :+1:

You’re doing it right :joy:

Hi Tori. I’m sure a minion will come along and offer better advise, or you can always contact them directly, but are you saying that the custom values you set for your 4DP Power Profile in the Workout Settings page are getting reset the next time you go in to the App? That doesn’t seem right to me - I do this quite a lot and it always remembers the values I enter these days (I recall sometimes having to change them twice in the past to make them stick in the UI). Which version of the app do you have and is this on desktop or iOS (or both)? [edit: and have you ever done Full Frontal? Just wondering if it works differently/incorrectly if you’ve only ever used the initial values]

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Hey @Tori,
I agree with Sir @JamesT that your best bet here is to reach out to the minions to work through this.

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