Repetition of Videos in training plans

I’ve used many of the Sufferfest training plans and generally find them very good, but the more I do the more I find that certain workouts are repeated. For example tonight’s work out should be Elements of style with reduced intensity, that’s going to be quite a Yawnfest as I’ve done the workout several times in the last few months.

I also tend to find that most plans don’t use the newer videos, which is also adding to my lack of variety.

What I’d like to see is a suggestion within the calendar for alternative workouts of similar intensity and focus.


I believe that is coming. Having said that, it isn’t very hard to work out an alternative video and get roughly the same benefit.

For example - Have HHNF on your plan? Try The Rookie or The Hunted (both FTP based). Have Downward Spiral or Revolver? Try 14 VG. You get the idea :slight_smile:

The simple answer is that we are working on ways to help with this. Coming soon! It will take a while to eliminate all repeats (and I can’t promise that we fully will) but the content and sports science teams are hard at work for you!


As a workaround when doing reduced intensity sessions I sometimes select “Play Workout Without Video” and also turn off the sound. The progress bar will remain. I then either listen to a podcast or watch something else.


I agree, it’s not to difficult to search for similar workouts based upon focus, but when a workout has reduced intensity it changes the focus of the workout entirely. In my example, Elements of Style at 75% intensity becomes a recovery ride or drills. In your example, HHNF at 80% becomes Tempo Alternating 3x15 at 100%.

While I agree with the general concept of providing alternative session choices, I thought the whole idea with Elements of Style was to keep repeating those same drills multiple times. Sometimes repetition is a key part of the plan, even if it can seem a bit dull!


I don’t dispute that, Elements of style is a great video, I’ve done it 15 times before. I just picked that one out as an example. Another workout that keeps coming up is Thin Air, again I enjoy the video but I’ve done that one 9 times plus it seemed like thin air a couple of times too.

I agree. Some workouts have several alternative substitutions that would achieve the same training goal and I agree it would be great to have those alternative choices built into the plans.

But workouts like EOS don’t really have any other equivalents, so swapping those out is effectively going off-plan.

One of the reasons I picked the Fitness Kickstarter is that it had a bunch of workouts that I hadn’t done yet. I finally got to do Joyride at 100%

Defender is next so I’m subbing in Attacker instead

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Glad to hear this is in the works! Just kicking off a new plan, and while the new group of documentaries with steady rides are a nice addition, they’re extra-subject to being less exciting on subsequent viewings.
As noted, there are workarounds, but I’m looking forward to being able to get suggestions in the app for alternatives a given day’s prescribed workout.

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I find repetition of videos with the same plan a good way to see any improvement. My current plan has had me do the shovel and nine hammers twice now and I’ve definitely felt an improvement the second time around. Trust the plan!

You have my vote though for an alternative option though just to mix it up. Great that it’s in the pipeline.

As for recovery/less intense type sessions, I take a look at what the workout is asking for and then go to my alternative platform and find a ride where I can do that. This keeps things interesting for me anyway! Hopefully this will be subbed with outdoor riding very soon as well.

Suffer well!