Training plan

I used Sufferfest over the 6 months of the winter last year and got on well, I’m trying to do the same BUT now it run by Wahoo all my plan is full of is so called inspirational videos and not hard sessions!!! Are they getting paid to put them on? I’ve set everything to the hardest settings but it still fills up the plan with them, what’s going on ???

I noticed the same thing. I ended up building my own plan. I have been doing the inspirational videos typically as a second video after a hard one, or during a recovery period. I am sure if you wanted to work with them on a custom plan they could fashion something more to your liking.

What plan are you doing?

The all purpose, general fitness, high volume, 3:1, it’s 12 week.

So, the background this is… Just know that last winter there were no Inspiration videos. So while it may have LOOKED like there were intense SUF workouts almost every day, many of those workouts (at least half of them) were reduced intensity.

Many users disliked doing the SUF workouts at severely reduced intensity as it seemed to dull the workouts as every part of them was still telling you to suffer, suffer, suffer, while instead you were riding them at 60/70% intensity. And since you saw them so many times, they got old and tired real fast and kind of made these SUF workouts lose their lustre.

So, earlier this year the reduced intensity workouts were replaced with the Inspiration videos in all the training plans. You’re not doing any less training as before. You’re just riding along to Inspiration videos instead of reduced intensity SUF workouts. The fact that you see so many Inspiration videos in your training plan just highlights how many of them used to be reduced intensity SUF videos.

Without the Inspiration videos, the SUF workouts got old quickly since you would ride some of them many, many times at a reduced intensity. Now instead of the SUF videos getting tired and old, the Inspiration video will get tired and old. But, the silver lining is that now when you do see a SUF video in your plan you know you’re in for a real “sufferfest”.

Also, the Inspiration videos are much easier to add - because it takes a lot of hard work to create quality new SUF works, while any existing cycling documentary can easily be added with a quickly recovery intensity ramp - and there are already more Inspiration videos in the library than SUF videos. And you can pretty easily swap them out when you get bored of ones you’ve seen too often (I do this a lot). So, Sir Dave has fixed one complaint by creating a new, but similar one. :stuck_out_tongue:

And don’t mistake the On Location rides or the ProRides for Inspiration videos. The On Location and ProRides are just as intense - if not more - than most of the SUF-branded workouts.

So, your training scheduled isn’t watered down or less intense than it already was. You’re just riding to different videos on your recovery days.