Resting before event

Hi Guys,

I have been training the last months to go now next week on my bike trip to Italy.
I’m there for 1 week, with trips every day off around 100K, and 1000 to 3500hm.

First trip is on Sunday 11th October.

I’m wondering how I would fill my week now. Resting, or low volume or intentisy rides.

Any insight?


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Hi there !

Wow - that’s some trip - have a fantastic week !!
As a prep week, the 4DP prep week plan in the app is a good disciplined pre-week.
You could set your travelling day as the ‘event day’ and you’d get a plan running from the 4th to the 10th.
It keeps it fairly easy and includes some very specific workouts that ensure your legs don’t go to sleep. It works really well IMO.

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This is the one I’m thinking of:


Thanks for your response.
Sounds like a good plan :wink:

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