Choose a training plan for multi-day events?

Did there used to be a multi day event plan option ? If you’re doing a long -week or so - 100k + per day trip there should be a way to work that in to the planning ? I’ve been doing custom plans for a while but I thought you could specify this option .


they’ve been spoken about and they’ve been asked for but as of yet, no.

Would be very welcome. Have a week long cycling holiday in the mountains coming up soon and a plan focussed on this would have been very useful. Will be a week of much higher volume (and I expect intensity) than I’m used to.

I and others have used the 200m gravel plan with good success :+1:t2:


I do a week+ tour every summer, averaging about 200km/day and ~4000 ft of climbing. This is my third year using the GG200 plan and it’s good for me. I have learned to take a week off at two points during the plan (so it actually takes me 14 weeks to complete) to do three or four b2b long rides to dial in my nutrition, get used to any new equipment, and practice the mental game. Another useful tweak is to schedule the first long weekend ride in the plan for the afternoon -evening, then get up and ride the second one in the morning. Than helps me get used to riding tired. With adjustments for your needs, the plan works quite well.