Reveal the Path: no content warning?

I was doing a Z2 base ride today and only half paying attention to the video of Reveal the Path. So when I glanced up and saw (caution: violence) a chicken getting its head sawed off I was rather, well, taken aback. I don’t have a problem with the realities of farming, but I don’t think I’m so far off the beaten track when I say that this is a rather gruesome thing to get surprised by.

  1. What are the standards for violence inflicted on living things in Wahoo content? And I don’t mean the Minions threatening to flog people, or the crimes against humanity like the last two hammers.

  2. Can we at least get a cautionary note in the ride description here?


First, welcome to the forum.

Second, I was quite taken aback as well. I think your point 2 above is a good one. Let people know in advance and let them make a decision to do the ride or not.


Thanks for warning me here! Will avoid this one.

There was another video - The Laps Tasmania, iirc - which has some animals being killed.

Personally, I would strongly prefer it if Wahoo didn’t subsidize such content. And, if you’re going to feature such content, there should be a clear warning at the start.

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With absolutely no proof, I would guess that there’s a higher number of vegetarians and vegans in the cycling and fitness community than average. (source: me, some friends, the Col Collective). So content like this seems especially inappropriate.

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Agree a warning would be good. I see these vids a bit like documentaries showing something of the realities of life in a region, or relating an actual experience, so, in that context, I don’t see it as inappropriate or gratuitous.


@Saddlesaur I too see it as a documentary. The film maker made a choice to include that. I think the story could have been told as effectively without it. Certainly his choice. But if it is going to be included, a heads up would be in order. So I guess we can agree to disagree as I did feel it was inappropriate, at least in not providing some notice.