Reverse Periodization help

All, I train for high mileage gravel races (100 miles or more) and I’ve been reading more about the benefits of reverse periodization.

As such, I want to implement this into my schedule this “off season” and see what it’s all about.

I’m not that greatest at understanding exactly what I’m supposed to do, but I get the sense that it’s all about the higher intensity stuff right now.

Does anyone have any samples or suggestions for a week of reverse periodization: for example, Day 1: 14 vice grips, day 2: the bat, etc.

Thanks for all the help!

Joel Friel discusses reverse periodization in his book " The Triathlete’s Training Bible".

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Great read even if you are not a Triathlete.

I meant to type The Cyclists Training Bible. I never read the triathlete one.

Still a good read for a non triathlete. :laughing:

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@Max_R Hello, reverse periodization can be a very beneficial training tool. Reverse periodization is a loose and general term used by many. You would increase volume and slightly decrease intensity as you come closer to your goal event.

Our 4DP test and methods are based on identifying your weaknesses and working on them and not so much on building base. Therefore, the SYSTM workouts and Training Plans will accomplish your needs. SYSTM training plans are built with high intensity and less volume for those that can train up to 12 hrs per week. You could do our General Fitness Plan and it will envolve a form of reverse periodization or go one step further and complete a building block plan focusing specifically on your riding weakness. As it warms up gradually increase your Z2/Z3 ride volume. This is where youay end up dropping an interval session. Some people will be able to handle 2 key interval sessions per week and others 3 per week. This really gets back to age and how much stress and sleep one gets. You may also alter how often you have a recovery week. With increased intensity and longer base rides, your recovery weeks are likely to be more frequent.

I would also suggest a call with a Wahoo coach if you have additional questions.

Happy Training!