Race season and WahooSYSTM

In three weeks time my “Race”season starts, consisting of a 100km ride, every four weeks. Flat as a pancake, so high-pace, where every cyclist in the region is trying to outdo them self’s. Being back first at the organising coffee place is a thing…

This week I m finishing the General purpose plan with a FF next Sunday, so I m left with two weeks after that and no idea how and which WahooX workouts to fit in, leading up to the RaceSeason and during the RaceSeason.

I m open for suggestions?!

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Pick a focus metric, set a short training block and do the first couple (or last couple) weeks?

Better - if you’re really thinking of the upcoming event as your “race season”, maybe do the “Dial it Down” transition plan as a taper?

Not much help for the “during” part - I usually only have the weekends available for any outdoor training/events, so will typically stick w systm plans for my “season” as well. I get flat and fast, maybe do some crit work or something? But really depends on the intensity, length and volume required to maintain your fitness/form for the event(s). A metric century every month? Would imagine you need to emphasize butt in the seat time?