NEW REVOLVER: Revolver was one of the very first Sufferfests I ever made. Over the years, it’s had a few tune-ups but, still, it was looking (and sounding) a little bit ragged. So, in between all this other new content we’ve been making, I sat Revolver down and gave it a good make-over.

What’s changed? It now has a longer, more progressive warm-up that will better prepare you for the beating. There is also all new footage from recent races on both the velodrome and the cyclocross track. A lot of new music, too. Timing has been tidied up throughout.

What’s not changed? The fact that you still have to get through 15, er…, one minute intervals with just one minute recovery between each, leaving it as one of the best, most efficient sessions you can do for a solid MAP and AC boost.

If you love Revolver, I hope you enjoy this freshened-up version of an old friend. If you’ve never tried this classic, then get in there and give it a go. It’s one of those experiences that leave you feeling terribly proud of yourself at the end. Or in a sobbing heap on the floor wishing you had tried one of those new Inspiration films. But either way, you won’t forget it.


Spooky … did the easy (well half is easy right?) version this morning (don’t ask, way beyond me lol).

Will do this full version next week for sure now


Sir David, can the old version be made available, somehow. Just for old times sake! Maybe a bonus for being nobility (hint for those folks sitting on the wall watching others beat themselves to gain Knighthood).


I have a new set of tests coming up in two weeks. I guess I will have to take this out for a spin as my first real ride with my new numbers. Planning something easy for the day after FF.


Just did the new version of Revolver last evening, and it feels brutal. Nevertheless, nothing should dull the suffering! Thanks again for the renewed Revolver Sir @David.McQuillen.KoS


Looking forward to meeting my old friend post-rehab and seeing how we get on :joy:

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just did it today after a break from training…it wasn’t pretty :laughing:


Beauty is in the eye of Grunter von Agony.


Can we get a week with Neal Henderson remastered so the sound works correctly please, the workouts are really good but the videos are infuriating.

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Yep! Sorry about that. Something seems to have happened with the files. We’re looking into it this week and early next.

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I rode it a few days ago and “enjoyed” it.


Hello! just tried it this morning. Loved it and hated it at the same time, no nothing has changed :joy:

I appreciate that some of the main songs were kept, specially the first one, which usually for me sets the tone of the workout, and is the one I remember most. It was also nice to see WvA and MVDP, although all that sand riding looked pretty painful.

Good work!


Just started using SYSTM. This is the 2nd ride in my beginner training plan…just about did me in! After trying a couple of different training apps, this one (this ride in particular) kept me fully engaged and motivated right to the end! Getting to the end felt like a real accomplishment. Looking forward to the next one!


Welcome to SYSTM. One’s first attempt at Revolver is always memorable. Congrats on completing it.


Welcome to SYSTM, BigPoppa. And so glad you’ve found Revolver - a true gateway to the world of Sufferlandria.


Is it really bad that I flat out enjoyed that? Probably argues that I need to re-do 4DP, I guess.


I don’t think so because I thoroughly enjoyed the beating.

I guess, high time for us to do another 4DP :wink:

It feels like the minions mailed this remaster in a bit: 15 (cough) minutes of it are just a blank void of nothingness…

Seriously, though, great work. Appreciate that several of my favorite songs from the last cut were kept in the new one.

Well, I revisited my old friend Revolver today, and I really think that Wahoo did a great job with the remastering of this workout.

The music is great, and I was really happy to find out that some of the original songs reappear in this new version. The video is engaging (loved seeing the Canadian track women in some intervals!). And the longer warmup is very much appreciated…

There are three things that disappointed me however…

  1. For those who have invested in a KICKR Climb or bike, note that the incline stays at 0% the whole time. While I can kind of understand this during the velodrome intervals, I simply do not understand why the cross intervals and warm-up are always at zero incline. Will this be enhanced at some point in the future?
  2. The heart rate target zone during the 1 minute recovery sections are shown at being Z1 - this is not realistic, particularly during the latter part of the workout. I somehow doubt that after 10-12 intervals, anyone would actually see their heart rate drop from Z4 to Z1 in 1 minute. While I don’t pay too much attention to target heart rate, I can certainly see a less experienced cyclist being confused about the target zones.
  3. I do wish the cooldown were a bit longer than 3 minutes….

Overall, great work! I do hope that the KICKR Climb/bike incline integration will be added in the near future…