RGT has gone and What now about X and Systm naming in apps?

From today on will we stopp naming Wahoo X and just call this forum Wahoo Systm? This forum is still named X.


I’m not the first to mention it, but still find it amusing how much it resembles the Twitter/X situation:

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Wahoo X was first. Twitter followed.

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X.com (Musk et al’s now-defunct internet bank) came before Wahoo, too.

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The Company thought it was amusing too (trigger warning for RGT users :frowning: )


X doesnt make sense now. It was named that way to acommodate 2 apps in the same subscription.

November the 1st with RGT closed the naming of all things related to X (including this forum) should revert back to Systm.


I beg to differ, it ought to be renamed as Sufferlandria or SUF or anything which puts Sufferlandria front and center.


I see your “I beg to differ” and raise you an “I beg to differer”.

It really isn’t SUF any more, and frankly was starting to become less SUF a wee bit before The Acquisition. This in no way is intended as a DIS of SUF. Nay. Our great founder and his band of ne’er-do-wells (aka minions) had a vision which included things like the Pro-Rides and On-Location and A Week With series which are very un-SUF but VERY MUCH welcomed nonetheless.

So, while I was never a fan of the name SYSTM. Especially the clever dropping of a vowel that The Company has a real penchnt for :wink: it just wasn’t gonna be SUF anymore.

Now, how about a contest for a new name? Like ELN MSK did with twittr?

I’m a fan of The One True App TOTA… or even One App… or The One App but these, or versions of these are already taken… or maybe we could use an unpronounceable symbol like Prince did? …or…




What about Xoom :wink: I know that’s taken too but we do have a logo

Screenshot 2023-05-13 at 7.13.43 AM

…and kit


Names are hard I don’t like most of my own suggestions.

Yes, simply using “The Tour” would be miles better than the current name. Even if it was “The Wahoo Tour”. Even something bland would be better.



I agree on this actually. But what I really wanted to say is that, this little culture we have here should be here to stay, like those dark humour we have in the videos which only people like us will understand and care to smile even during a tough effort (maybe I wasn’t digging deep enough, but at times I do smile a little during those tough efforts).

How about Somepagne? Haha

Frankly, I like this too :slight_smile: