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Just used RGT for the first time today. Before the update I had tried it once but I recall it would freeze. No issues today after the voice update so now I want to dive in. I have a Pc speaker that I assume I can use to hear voice chat. But this PC does not have a microphone. Any suggestions on what to get? I already have a USB extension cable to get my ANT+ dongle close to my bike. I was thinking about a USB hub connected to my extension cable and plugging in both my ANT+ dongle and a USB microphone. Has anybody tried this?

I haven’t on RGT, but my USB headset on my work computer is a pain plugged into an extender. I have to plug it in to the laptop direct or it doesn’t behave at all.

As you’re connecting the trainer via ANT+ I wonder if a bluetooth headset might be better? No cable to get in your way.

I have a BT headset connected to my work laptop (not what I use for RGT). Since my RGT PC doesn’t have BT I would have to use a BT plug in and then pair the headset to either my work laptop or my RGT PC each time I change. That’s not ideal. Besides, I don’t love the idea of wearing a headset if I am going to be dripping with holy water. :frowning:

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What about using your phone with the RGT remote control app? Per https://support.wahoofitness.com/hc/en-us/articles/8256153122066-Voice-Chat-in-the-Wahoo-RGT-App this is the solution for Apple TV users (who also don’t have a mic).

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I haven’t been following too closely. What is the difference between the Ride app and the Remote app? Are you suggesting I can use my PC for my Ride app and my phone for me Remote app?

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Ah that totally makes sense. I use a sports specific headset, actually the bone conducting Shokz one, so it copes well with sweat as it’s a sealed unit but if you don’t have bluetooth, usb is the way but am liking @tbronder 's suggestion! Near, didn’t know that was an option.

Just read through the link but can’t determine whether you need to have both apps the use this. For example if using a laptop can this all be done just from the RGT main app or do I need to also have the remote app downloaded or is the remote app just for phones. Sorry for the nerdy question but all this tech baffles me. cheers

Just downloaded the RGT app to my phone. I was able to hear and be heard with voice chat. I read the portion of the link that talks about how to do this. I will try this on my next ride with friends. Here is the key portion as I see it:

Voice Chat IS NOT available on Apple TV, due to the lack of a microphone and the Bluetooth channel restrictions on this platform. If you’re riding on our Apple TV app, you’ll need to connect to Voice Chat using the RGT mobile app.

If you connect to Voice Chat using your Ride app and your mobile app, you will appear as two separate riders and you will generate an echo when chatting.

If you connect on the remote app on a channel to which you are already connected on the Ride app, you will be automatically disconnected from the Ride app. However; if you reconnect to that channel on the Ride app, you will be connected as two separate users. You will need to manually disconnect from Voice Chat on one of the platforms.

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For your situation, you would just need the “RGT Remote” app. It’ll turn your phone into essentially a “second screen (with mic)” that complements the ride you’re doing from your PC.

If you wanted to actually ride (i.e. have the trainer/etc. paired and controlled) using your phone, that’s when you’d use the regular “Wahoo RGT” app. I’ll do this when I want to have my laptop playing Netflix, and just have the smaller phone to knock out some easy time in the RGT world.

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Just need to get my head around this! My laptop has bluetooth, a mic and a speaker can everything be done from the regular RGT app which is downloaded on it. I want the bigger screen the laptop provides, not interested in Netflix or anything else I just want to play the workout and use the chat if possible or must I also run the remote app on my phone to use all if the features.

Yes, if your laptop has speakers and mic you can do everything from that one machine all within the RGT app. No extra steps needed.

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Thanks, will give it a go