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Are the SYSTM workouts gone from RGT?

Nope. They are all still there. Here’s an article that explains how to start one.

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Thanks Glenn, however I don’t see any workout library or a workout tab in RGT

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You have to be on a road (go to Just Ride at the top of the screen and choose a road). You can’t access workouts from the main menu. Once on a road if you tap the screen or click it, it’ll pop up various options one of which is workout that brings up the screen that lets you choose one.


Hey @Timothy1961, like @jcolp said, you have to be spawned on the road first. Then you’ll see the workout button and be able to choose the workout for that road. I agree that it’s not exactly intuitive, as you would think you’d want to pick the workout first, then decide what road to ride it on but that’s an issue for another day.

Here are some screen shots after me spawning myself onto a road.

move the cursor and the menu options will pop up as below:

Then, after clicking the workout button, you’ll see the list of available workouts in the library

Or, another way to get to the workouts is to create an event for yourself (and/or a group of people) at the user.rgtcyling.com site where you can set the parameters of a group ride, pick the road etc and select a workout to do, either as a group or alone as per screen shots below

Go to toolbox and select Create Event

Select Create Group Ride:

Select road:

Click ADD button on Workout line:

Find and select workout from library:


Thanks a million

I will reply in full later when I am finished work

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Thanks Glenn, that worked fine. Really appreciate you taking time to help me. Just completed a work out on RGT, while listening to Inspector Morse… All good, thank you. Best ofuck regards Timmy


Super helpful post. Thanks ALL.


[quote=“Glen.Coutts, post:5, topic:23377”]
Here are some screen shots after me spawning myself
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Thanks for the helpful answer though!