Wahoo RGT and Trainingpeaks Workouts - Help

Wahoo Nation, Help Needed

Two weeks about I was able to do my schedule Trainingpeaks workout from my coach using RGT. Now, I am unable to do my schedule workouts. They no longer show up in my Schedule workouts in RGT. I even tried downloading them as a Wahoo tech person suggested to try. They show in the Schedule workouts but they are not correct workout. Example: 45 min workout out with 3x10 tempo rides with recovery between each set. It appears in the Schedule Is cut down to 32min and doesn’t show the intervals at all.

PS. I read something that in order to use Wahoo RGT and Trainingpeaks that I need to up grade my Trainingpeaks to Premium in order to get schedule Trainingpeaks workouts to work after 30 days.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Any luck here Chris? I’m having the same issue and do have premium…

I just upgraded my Trainingpeaks Premium the other day for a 3-month period thinking that might be the issue. But that didn’t solve the issue. There must be something wrong with the RGT software working with Trainingpeaks.

Hey Chris, they sent me the following… maybe this will help you!

As part of today’s update :

Hi, I assume this issue is still happening? I downloaded the latest RGT version (2023.06.19) and now the top-level workouts option has disappeared and I can’t find my Training Peaks scheduled workouts in Events or Ride Now.

It would be a pain if we have to copy them manually from TP to RGT… Especially, as automatic syncing appeared to be supported earlier (https://support.wahoofitness.com/hc/en-us/articles/4752450142866-How-to-connect-and-sync-to-TrainingPeaks)

It’s not still happening. The way that you do a workout has changed. You have to have spawned on a road. Once there if you bring up the on screen options there is a “Workout” button which allows you to see the library, uploaded, and scheduled workouts. Choose your workout and away you go.

The support page has some detail on it.


Thanks! And so, we still have to manually download the .fit files from TP and email them to RGT? That’s a bit (i.e. very) clunky.

I’m new to TP - is there a way to do a bulk export of scheduled workouts, or do I have to export them one by one?

One by one. You have to import them that way into SYSTM or RGT.

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You don’t have to download workouts from Training Peaks. You can still connect RGT to Training Peaks in the app, and any scheduled workouts will appear in Scheduled in RGT. That’s how I do my workouts in RGT using a free Training Peaks account.


Thanks! (but… c’mon companies, this is 2023…)

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It’s not either company’s fault. It’s a 'feature ’ of the .fit file format that is used.

Yeah, I’ve connected, but how do I see my TP schedule in RGT? Or even follow the support page you linked?

I don’t see why TP doesn’t allow you to select a date range and export a zip file with multiple .fit files.

Go to Just Ride and choose a road. Go onto the road. Once on the road move your mouse or touch the screen and you’ll see a button for “Workout”. Choose it and it’ll bring up the available workouts - library, uploaded, and scheduled. Go to scheduled.

Yay, that works! Thank you. It’s only small wording change, but your reply is 100 times easier to follow than the support page.

I only see the next 6 days or so’s scheduled TP sessions. I assume I will see more as the days roll by?

Yes, I think it is supposed to show the next 7 days (er, that includes today - so today + 6 days ahead?). Since I use the free TrainingPeaks, I only have today so don’t know for certain.

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I have paid Training Peaks, and just checked, it shows me today’s ride and Wednesday’s in RGT but not Friday’s (no rides sched for Tues/Thur this week).

@jmckenzieKOS Is it now possible to import TrainingPeaks files into SYSTM?

Previously I thought this only worked with RGT, but if there’s a way to import into SYSTM also I would love to know how!