Training schedule for MTB marathon event in August

Hi i am taking part in a MTB race down here in South Africa.

Its called the attakwas extreme its 121km/2900m of climbing.

I am currently busy with Mountainous hilly/ granfondo. Which is finishing March.

My plan is to start 100 mile GG towards the end of May which would finish the week of the event.(im not sure if this is the right plan for this)

Just need some advice or guidance on which plans to do for the months between March and May.

I would say climbing and pacing is my biggest issue.

I want to do a Full Frontal after this plan and something to keep the momentum.

Thanks in advance

In-season XC w strength and yoga.

in-season XC is a good plan but possibly ideally, if you don’t have time-crunched constraints, you’d spend more time with butt in saddle.

Gravel Grinder could work, but this might be a good candidate for a custom plan

Hi @Bira
That sounds like a very cool, yet challenging event you’re targeting! Of course a customized plan would be ideal, however I think you’re on the right track with the Mountainous gran fondo for building strength now. Considering the amount of climbing in your event, I don’t know that the XC MTB plan would be sufficient in that regard for a lead in plan. Either the 100 mile GG or coming back to the mountainous gran fondo plan would be ideal. From March to May, a good option could be pairing the Volcano Climbing plan (4 weeks) + Power builder plan (6 weeks) *both under special focus section, or either the FTP or MAP building blocks paired with volcano climbing and/or power builder…something to that effect.
Definitely keep your Full Frontals up to date so that you’re training at the appropriate fitness level and can use the long intervals to practice pacing!
Best of luck and let us know how it goes!

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Thank you Coach Suzie. I was actually looking at the Volcano plan and power builder as an option. Should i still do the 100 mile GG for my plan from May?

Sure, the 100 mile GG would be good come May, or the mountainous gran fondo plan again, without strength. I only suggest the mountainous gran fondo again because you’ll want to maintain your climbing strength. I think the GG plan generally has 1 climbing focused workout per week or some kind of low cadence outdoor intervals in it, which should be sufficient for maintaining strength. Just double-check that it does!

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Thanks will try your aproach

I did my 4dp today and rider type has been identified as a pursuiter

Weakness is my sustained efforts and strength being my 5 minute power efforts.

Knowing that now would the above strategy still hold true?

Hi @Bira,
Yes, I don’t think your Full Frontal results should dictate a change to your plan. All of the plans we’ve discussed will help improve your sustained weakness, so do carry on as planned!